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Nov 1, 2010 - Nıgde

Not a lot to report today. Call to prayer very different from what has been heard to date. Only a single call and not a number of competing ones. It was much more melodious and had pauses that allowed the sound to die away before the next part of the call started. It was so clear that had I understood the Arabic I would have known what was called - Beautiful compared with the cacophony of noise we have heard thus far. 7 hour busrıde to Nıgde ın Anatolıa. Passed through a lot of farmland and a few towns. Just after leavıng Antakya we...

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Nov 1, 2010 - Antakya to Nigde

My first morning run since Aswan and before that at home. Was great to go do some exercise as I reckon all the great food is starting to have an effect. Then it was a quick breakfast before catching a coach to Nigde. What a horrific coach trip it was. It looked flash and had individual tv screens and wi-fi on board. Unfortunately it did not have windows that open and no working air conditioning or fan. (Either that or they refused to turn it on.) It quickly became hot and stuffy with only 10 people on, then they filled the bus and it became...

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