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Jul 22, 2005 - Fethıye

What a pretty town- the waterfront ıs one long promenade stretchıng for mıles and edged wıth boats the whole way and the land sıde all cafes full of tourısts- mostly Brıtısh. We however spent the mornıng at a local hospıtal gettıng Merılynn's back and knee checked out as neıther ıs healıng very fast. Xays showed nothıng broken but dıagnosed as Tıssue trauma, whıch meant paınkıllers and antıflammatorıes for awhıle- a relıef all round. We dıd some more plannıng and decıded to head north to Selçuk as tıme ıs gettıng closer to when we meet...

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Mar 14, 2004 - Antalya to Goeke

Today we bused to Goeke-Fethiye. Don't think we just sit the bus all day. But if we had, the view would have been worth it. We traveled along the coastline where the mountains belly-up right to the sea. Around every curve (and there were lots of them) was yet another stunning view of the Mediterranean and the Bey Mountains. Later in the day we were treated to the sight of valleys covered with greenhouses. I just never expected this kind of scenery in Turkey. But, we are tourists, not just sight seers, so we made some stops along the way....

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