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Jul 15, 2018 - Mardin

A full day of driving and exploring needed an early start. Mount Nemrut National Park was our target to see a number of ancient sites especially the 'Throne of the Gods', the 8th ancient Wonder of the World. Huge stone statues dating back to 69 BC mark the east and west sides of a 60m high stone Tumulus in which three kings had been buried. The site was created by King Antiochus of the Kommagene civilisation and was one of the most interesting we had visited and well worth the effort to reach. At 2150m high the view from the site was...

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Apr 4, 2006 - mardin, çok güzel!

dear nader, mardin is one of the stops during my sojourn that was always planned as tentative... (aside)!!! i'm having the best coffee of my entire trip! it's turkish, thick, black, syrupy sweet... (another aside) just approached by the cafetiere & we had the beginnings of a conversation in turkish! it lasted a whole 5 phrases! quite the record. ok, back to the rant i was on about the coffee, though i think i'll continue with this other tangent again soon in the form of a dialogue entitled 'andres sin papeles quiere much el cafe turco de...

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