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Jul 18, 2004 - The Trick is to Keep Breathing

Konya, mid-20s, clearing skies We're at the Konya Hilton, and celebrated our arrival in this most conservative of Turkish cities by drinking upon arrival. We've been told over and over that Konya is conservative, that here is no fun to be had here. So, naturally, we arrive at the brand-spanking new 28 story Konya Hilton, which is located next to a shopping mall featuring a bowling alley. Conservative here obviously has a new twist to it. The day started out wonderfully - yours truly shelled out a bit of money to take a hot air balloon ride...

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Cyprus & Turkey 2004

Mar 11, 2004 - A day of Traveling and Transitions.

Our day started in the rocky, barren but eerily beautiful rock formations of Cappodocia. It was snowshowering. By the time we were done traveling, we had been through the plains (think Nebraska), through the rugged, snowy and tree-studded Taurus mountains (I hadn't seen a real tree in days!), and ended on the verdant, balmy Mediterranean coast in Antalya. Along the way we stopped in Konya, a pretty good sized (500-600,000) city in central Turkey. One knows as Iconium, Konya is one of Turkey's oldest continually inhabited cities. And in...

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