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Jun 21, 2010 - A change of direction

Some sore heads this morning. The young ones didn’t get to bed until 2am and now have the challenge of catching an early bus. We walk quite a way to a main road and wait to be picked up. A small area with park benches beside us with men lounging around (always men). A lady appears at regular intevals with a tray containing glasses of tea for sale. Hers was a covered tray but I have seen many that are just silver trays attached to three chains. I have been reading a book about a Turkish family around the time of the first world war and these...

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Feb 18, 2007 - Lake District & Pamukkale, Turkey

West of Konya we encountered Turkey's Lake District consisting of three large lakes (Burdur, Egidir and Beysehir) and several smaller ones. The most beautiful town in the district is Egidir, perched on the shore of a large lake of the same name and in the shadow of 2600 meter high snow capped Mount Davros (one of Turkey's main ski mountains). We arrived on market day so the centre of the town was given over to the hundreds of stalls selling fruit, vegetables, olives, olives and more olives. It is always fun as the shopkeepers are delighted...

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Jun 18, 2006 - Egırdır

Hı followers, We are in Egirdir at the moment in transit between Antayla and Goreme. We have had a great time on the coast and are now in Turkeys lake dıstrıct for the night. We had both begun to learn backgamon again, this is a relaxing game (at times) and we are improving with some advice from some local experts, who play at the speed of lıght. Dad is very slow after he has been on the water pipe. We will head off towards the İran border when we get back to Claude in Goreme. Till then, stay safe. Matt

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Aug 10, 2005 - Turkey Day 5 - Cappadocia to Egirdir

Many sore bellies this morning. Everone who went to the Folklore night, except Gükhan and Metim, has had at least one fast dash to the water closet so far today. At the first stop today Andrew made the dash but his arse won the race. He came back with no top on and wearing his t-shirt as shorts and feeling a bit embarrassed. We stopped as a Caravanseray, one of the many castle like buildings the Sultans constructed for caravans travelling the Silk Road. A gander around and some photos. Forty kilometres south later we stopped at another...

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