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Jul 16, 2010 - Edirne

Edirne, unbedingt einen Besuch wert. Legere Fussgaengerzone und 2 maechtige, herausgeputzte Moscheen, eine davon unwesentlich kleiner und im Stil der Hagia Sofia Istanbul's gleich. Moeglicher Unterschied: hier sind wir alleine, noch nie durchwanderten wir einen Bazaar (Marokko, Indien,...) ohne staendig belaestigt geworden zu sein. Hier schenkte man uns Joghurtdrinks und liess uns sonst in Ruhe den Bazaar erkunden, dem Freitagsgebet in der Moschee (fuer Patrizia kopftuchsfrei!) beiwohnen und die schoenen Alleen entlang spazieren. Sehr zu...

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Jul 15, 2010 - Der Weg in die Tuerkeı - on our way to Turkey

Lediglich ca. 2 Busstunden sollten es sein bis Edirne, der groessten Stadt in der europ. Tuerkei. Theoretisch. Praktisch 1 weiterer Reisetag: 6 Uhr auf, Fruehstueck im Hotel, taxi zum Busbhf. Um 7h30 Bus in 1 bulgar. Provinzkaff zum Umsteigen nach Edirne. Provinznestsonntagsfahrerbus wieder mal verspaetet. Edirnebus verpasst. 2h30 warten auf die naechste dann erneut verspaetete Verbindung in die Tuerkei. Schnell an die Grenze. 3 Stunden an der Grenze !! Schlangen an neuen BMW's, Mercedes, und Audis mit Kennzeichen aller mittel- u....

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Dec 1, 2006 - Arriving in Turkey

After two weeks of "wild" camping, sporadic shower facilities, no laundry and Gypsy covered in mud, we drove into Turkey. We were thrilled to be back in a country with open campsites so were pumping each other up with the thought of a hot shower, a washing machine, a place to securely store the motor home so we could tour, etc. The first campsite we arrived at was closed - or the gate was closed and no one was around. We saw a telephone number taped to the Reception window and called it with our German mobile phone - how naïve is that,...

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Jun 1, 2006 - Edırne, Turkey

A lot of you have been asking what we thought of the Balkans. Here is part of my dairy entry for May 30th..... "...we do feel oddly uncertain here in Serbia, not threatened exactly, rather a sense of being unwelcome, of being outsiders. The further from Slovenia we get the more rural it becomes and the more foreign we feel. Although Claude remains a topic of interest and provokes some halting conversations at service stations, there is otherwise very little contact or attempt at contact from these people. I can talk to anyone and love to...

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May 20, 2006 - Edirne, and our last night in Turkey

But before leaving Selcuk, Tomas went to his new "local", to drink some tea, bet on a race or two and say goodbye to his friends. And on the last race before leaving, he won the ikili (or exacta, picking the first and second horse in the race). So while waiting for the race results to be "official", he picked a horse, #5 for the next race, then collected his winnings, placed a 1 lira (75 cents) bet on #5, said goodbye to the young gentleman who had been so helpful in each visit and handed him the ticket for #5 in the next race. A look of...

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Aug 4, 2005 - the turkısh border

crossıng the border ınto turkey took us 2 days. maınly cos we wanted to stop ın edırne to look at some mosques rather than just head straıght 4 ıstanbul. so fırst we took a 6hr bus to alexandroupolı. from there the next day we got up a 5 30am to catch the 6 47 traın only to fınd ıt was a 7 30 bus that was already full. so we desıded go to the bus statıon ınstead as they couldnt guarantee us a seat on the bus. we had to catch 2 buses to the border. then we followed the sıgns and walked across the border ın to turkey(about 2ks wıth all our...

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Apr 27, 2005 - Orestiada, Greece

Left Canakkale 9 am intending to just cross into Greece for a short visit to see what we could see and maybe travel a bit more in Greece...the border at Ipsala-Gk.city Kipi...once in we hopped a bus N. to Orestiada where we walked the streets for 2 hours trying to find something more affordable, ending up at a hotel for 40 Euro($55 US)!!!!!!!! Not staying in Greece one more day, very expensive and people not really into tourists unless they have big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 28, 2005 - Break for the border

Depart: Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro Arrive: Bulgarian/Turkish border Overnight: In the truck -Who'd have believed it? 2 bumper days in a row. We did 721km today. Which is made all the more remarkable by the fact that for the first time we had to venture off the smooth dual-carraigeways we've enjoyed since Calais. -So after a small breakfast at the surreal MV Ruma Motel, we set off bright and early. Serbia is indeed a bit of strange place. On my way out of the hotel, I picked up a Serbian tourist brochure. According to that, one of the top...

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