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Jul 18, 2008 - Dogbeyazit

Did not get up in time for early bus...caught one at 9, a minibus, a bit hot,crowded...met Hayrettin & Sevil Filiz, from Izmir who are traveling to Iran where Hayrettin, a writer of childrens plays, etc. is going to research 2 famous Iranian writers as well as just vacation for 10 days. They were very friendly, Sevil spoke very good English and Bon & she talked a lot. Their web site is Visit their website check it out, a very interesting couple! The travel took us thru valleys and over several passes...mtnous area is quit arid but valleys...

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May 24, 2007 - Long time no see

OK ok I know it's been a long time but internet access has been a bit sparse of late and I'm here now. I've written this in bits but plan is to publish in Esphehan, Iran so lets see what's been happening. Oh, and as it's so long, here is an Executive Summary for those that can't be bothered reading the whole thing. Executive Summary. Drank beer, drank more beer, went for some nice walks, did some belly dancing due to too much beer. Waited for a visa then went to Iran. The End Needless to say all is well and since last update and the party...

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