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Oct 2, 2013 - Turkish Hospitality, Tea, and Tea Parties

Today is Wednesday, which is the local market day in the neighborhood. This is where the family gets their weekly produce, yogurt and cheese. There is literally anything you can imagine in the market.....think of it as a big outdoor weekly Walmart. The fresh fruit and produce is abundant. Andy takes us around to meet some of their friends and vendors that they buy from on a weekly basis. And of course, they are extremely welcoming and insist on us trying/tasting whatever items they are offering - cheese, flatbread, etc. -------- A word here...

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Oct 1, 2013 - Turbo in Turkish

Check out the picture of Vivian and Carson in today's journal posting. We took them to the movie today and saw Turbo in 3D. Don't they look cute in their 3D glasses? The movie was entirely in Turkish so it was no problem for the kids since they speak and understand very well. And actually, it wasn't really a problem for us either in terms of getting the basics of the story even without understanding the language. -------- Afterwards, we took the kids to the toy store to get some idea of the things they liked as we wanted to purchase some...

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Sep 30, 2013 - Horseback riding, Denizli

Off to the horse farm today so the kids can ride. They are so excited! Carson is quite the cowboy with his full cowboy attire, including the replica Texas Rangers badge that we brought him. Vivian's favorite pastime is playing with My Pretty Ponies, so she loves horses. We weren't sure that Verity would ride but she takes to it with no problem and is SO proud that she rode like a big girl. All afternoon she talks about riding the "neigh neigh" (what she calls a horse).

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Sep 29, 2013 - Sunday in the Park

Sunday morning - Erica prepared a wonderful Turkish style breakfast picnic for us and we take it over to one of their large parks, called Camlik (pronounced Chamlick meaning "pine"). It reminds us alot of North Carolina or East Texas because of the many really tall pine trees. We gather in a nice shaded part of the park and share our breakfast.....boiled eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, local Turkish pastry, goat cheese and olives. Then we walk around the park and play with the kids for the rest of the morning....

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Sep 28, 2013 - Denizli Market

Andy escorted us into the main Denizli market this morning to meet with a rug dealer that he knows. The market is big and lots of narrow winding paths. It seems very easy to get lost so it is a blessing to have him guiding us. On our way through the market, Andy introduces us to several Turkish treats. The first place we stop is a candy shop that sells the very popular Turkish delight candies. We sample several and purchase a mixed box to take back as a gift. The candy itself reminds us of gummy bears in terms of texture. Pomegranate and...

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Sep 27, 2013 - Ancient City of Laodicea

Andy drove us out to the ancient city of Laodicea which is only about a 15 minute drive from their apartment. There is an active archaeological dig ongoing where they are recovering and reconstructing the ancient city. The work they are doing is amazing as you can see from the pictures. Laodicea was once a place of prosperity and the site of one of the early Christian churches. The city was gradually destroyed by various earthquakes, including the one that occurred in 60 AD in which it was completely leveled. In the ruins, you can still see...

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Sep 26, 2013 - Denizli, Riding bikes in the park

Now that daylight is here we can see Denizli and the surrounding area from Andy and Erica's apartment. Their apartment is a very nice 3 bedroom. Much bigger than I would have thought for a European style apartment. Like most of Eastern Europe the area is very dense in terms of living quarters and I would say 95% of the people live in high rise apartments. There are no single family residences that we have seen in the immediate area. They have a very pretty mountain view from their balcony. It looks a bit like Colorado Springs with flat...

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Sep 25, 2013 - Arrival in Denizli, Turkey

Early morning today as we had to depart our hotel in Radda-in-Chianti at 5:30am for the 3-hour trip back to Rome to catch our flight to Turkey ---------- Italy has been fantastic. We have discussed coming back right away and alternately never coming back to these same locations since we are unsure how this experience could ever be improved upon. Pam and Sam are to be envied for making the move here. At the same time, we realize that there are significant lifestyle adjustments to be made if you live in Italy. All those clothes hanging...

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Oct 11, 2011 - Kas to Parmukkale

The rain kept up through the night. The restaurant is on the top floor of the hotel and is enclosed with glass. The view was magnificent although it's a shame it isn't a better day. We set off at about 8.00am....lots of driving again today. 3700 kilolitres per cubic metres (whatever that means) of rain fell has fallen in the last day or so and Serdar told us there's been some landslides along the coast road, the road we are travelling along. He's not sure how it will affect our journey. There's been flooding in some areas and people missing...

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May 5, 2011 - Pamukkale to Kusadasi

First sights to visit today were the splendid limestone terraces at Pamukkale. This was one of the things on my list that I was eager to see. When we got to the site we found out that there was a roman city built at the top above the terraces and there were also ruins to explore. This was an added bonus as all most of us were expecting to see were the terraces. The terraces themselves are amazing, they take up the whole side of a hill that must be about 1 kilometre long by 2 to 3 hundred metres high. The whole hillside is white with water...

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May 3, 2011 - Pamukkale

Today started at 3am for me no it was not another attempt at a balloon flight rather a speed record attempt in the dark to the toilet. I had a dose of the Turkey tummy which is a milder form of the Delhi belly. After the rest of the group had breakfast we travelled to Konya to see the grave of the founder of the Whirling Dervishes. This and a number of other graves and relics are located inside a Mosque in Konya. The mosque was built after the grave site so the graves were allowed to remain as it is not usual Muslim practice to have graves...

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Jul 24, 2009 - Pamukkale - thermals & travertines

A surreal landscape of stark-white terraces in the middle of farming land in south-western Turkey ... welcome to Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Translated "Cotton Castle," Pamukkale is made up of travertine terraces of carbonate minerals left by flowing water from the hot springs above, which is where the ancient city of Hierapolis was built. Even though the landscape looks like snow drifts, the white carbonate material is very hard and coarse to walk on, and the water flowing downhill is temperate. Swimming in the hot spings at...

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