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Oct 29, 2011 - the big hike

We awoke today to the sounds of goats bleating and their neck bells jingling. They were coming down the path that we were to take as part of our biggest hiking day. We were warned that we would hike for three hours and the first hour was all uphill. A short dinghy ride brought us from the Nirvana to shore and we started climbing. The ten of us began to leave large spaces between ourselves, as everyone hiked at their own pace. The incline was steep and at times the rock surface was slippery and rugged. We came over a rise and there were...

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Apr 27, 2010 - A good day then a bad day!

Sunday 25th April – the four of us took an all day tour with a guide. The first stop was Fethiye where we stopped for coffee and a wander looking at the boats. After Fethiye we went to Kayakoy (Rock Village). This is an abandoned village that was occupied up to 1923 by Greeks. After Turkey’s war of independence with Greece, the Greeks in the village were repatriated to mainland Greece. The local Turks were good friends with the Greeks and thought they would come back after a political solution was found. On that basis they did occupy the...

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Apr 24, 2010 - A day long boat trip.

Friday April 23rd – today our friends Gilly and Julian finally made it. We picked them up at Dalaman Airport and then promptly got lost on the way back! This was the first time I had driven at night in Turkey and some of the signage around this area, or lack of, did not help in the dark. Eventually we got back, not before discovering that Turkish teenagers like riding their bikes at night without lights, wearing dark clothing, down the middle of small country lanes! Saturday April 24th – we all went for day long boat ride. First we went out...

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Apr 22, 2010 - Made it to Kaunos

Wednesday 21st April – stayed home. Thursday 22nd April – we hired a car and decided to drive around Koycegiz lake to Kaunos which we failed to reach on Tuesday due to Gill’s hip problem. Turns out we were only about 150 yards from the ruins entrance just around a corner when we turned back on Tuesday. On Thursday we got lost a few times before we actually got there. There was a distinct lack of signage after a while and once I realized that we were on a dirt road that was getting narrower and narrower as we climbed into the mountains I...

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Apr 20, 2010 - Crossing the river

Tuesday April 20th – we walked into Dalyan and took the ferry across the river. This needs a little explanation as per the picture. The ferry is actually a 10 foot row boat manned either by an old woman or man who row you across the river for a nominal sum! Once across the river we had lunch at a small restaurant where the pancakes were made from scratch and filled with cheese and local herbs. All of this cooked on a hot stone. We then decided to walk up past the rock tombs to an old castle. On the way we met a man who had lived in his...

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Apr 19, 2010 - Did nothing all day!

Monday April 19th – basically did nothing all day other than walk in to the village twice and then got a lift in the third time on the back of a scooter to buy a bottle of wine. In the evening got invited to a BBQ at one of the neighbouring villas where we had a great evening. During the evening another guest arrived. Turned out he was a guitarist who had played with the Eurythmics for five years. We all had a great time listening to him, singing along with him and making song requests. All of this helped by copious quantities of alcohol!

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Apr 18, 2010 - More lazıng around - ıt ıs a tough lıfe

Saturday 17th April – Another energetic day! We strolled into the village to the weekly market where Gillian, with me trailing behind, inspected every stall! Had a hectic afternoon sitting by the pool and then walked back into the village for dinner. Sunday 18th April – the main topic of conversation among everyone we meet, which is mostly other visitors, is the current closure of European airspace. It appears about 23 countries are affected. Those here cannot get home and those who were coming obviously cannot. There are those discussing...

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