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Nov 14, 2012 - Tea and popcorn in Siirt

As is most often the case in Turkey, the people are very friendly. One of our most exciting encounters was on our first evening when we met some young women who invited us back to their place to meet their other 6 roommates – all students. They were from an Islamic sect which apparently also exists in America - Fethullah Gülen. The girls were very knowledgeable about their Islamic faith so the visit was very interesting, partly because of the informed discussion, but also because one of the girls was the ultimate extrovert and could easily...

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Jul 25, 2005 - Hasenkeyf

To be sure, Turkish people are some of the friendliset and most helpful on the planet, but they also dole out more bad information per capita then anywhere else. So it was that we were unable to find our way onto anymore buses that day to our planned next stop in the town of Mardin and instead jumped on a bus that happened to be leaving next to Diyarbakir and from there on to the little town of Hasenkeyf, a gorgeous honey-coloured village clinging to the rocks of a gorge above the Tigris River. It was a pretty simple little stop, as far as...

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