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Mar 21, 2018 - Bangkok Temples and Tuk Tuk wild ride

Arriving at noon, Laem Chabang port is an industrial park, but… they have a cruise terminal that actually has shops in it. Yay! The immigration officers were grumpy and didn’t even look at our pictures. Just stamp, stamp, stamp and we handed our passports back to the ship’s crewman waiting on the other side. May be the immigration officers were mad they didn’t get a free breakfast on the ship. The port is 60 KM (2 hours) from Bangkok so we have elected to tour the local resort town Pattaya for the afternoon. We had originally signed up for...

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Apr 2, 2013 - Laem Chabang (Pattaya), Thailand

As this was our second venture into Thailand this trip, we opted to not return to Bangkok and visit the more remote rural areas of Thailand instead. We were rewarded with awesome days in the “country”. We first spent a half day visiting an elephant camp where some 25 elephants were housed and cared for by some very interesting and caring folks. The logging industry does not exist by law in Thailand anymore, so the elephant is not used anymore leaving many homeless and uncared for. This camp serves as a reminder and an honor to these gentle...

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Aug 23, 2012 - w krainie krabów

ostatnio wybrałem się do tailandii w poszukiwaniu krabów. odwiedziłem kilkanaście portów i niestety - te delikatne stworzonka mają problemy z dostosowaniem się do ciągle zanieczyszczanego środowiska morskiego; niestety, świadomość ekologiczna tajlandczyków jest zdecydowanie niższa niż przeciętnych europejczyków. Ale dość tego - w końcu, w laem chabang znalazłem to co chciałem - moje kraby! :) przedstawiam wam 4 nowych kolegów - wszystko widać na zdjęciach :)

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Oct 18, 2008 - Bangkok - City of Angels

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” - Lin Yutang I’m not sure in what context old Lin Yutang was referring to; but, after a day wandering around Bangkok, you certainly long for a pillow of any sort just to comfort yourself. We arrived Saturday morning in the port “city” of LAEM CHABANG the main seaport for Bangkok, Thailand. You might say this is a suburb of Bangkok; you might also say, “are you kidding me?” This place is as far away from Bangkok as Orlando is...

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Mar 18, 2007 - Laem Chabang, THAILAND

18th and 19th March "Liberty is a foreign word, found on a coin a foreigner dropped in the palm of my hand, but it has taken me years to fully understand its meaning." - Pira Canning Sudham, Thai writer, Monsoon Country. Thailand is the only nation in South East Asia to escape colonial rule and offers a rich and ancient culture unhindered by western influence. The Thai people call their nation Muang Thai - "Land of the Free". Ethnic Thai's came from Mongolia around AD650 and settled in Chiang Saen [Northern Thailand]. The Sukothai kingdom...

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Feb 14, 2007 - The beautiful island of Koh Mak

Having seen the beauty of some of the other islands in and around Koh Chang, we decided to visit the island of Koh Mak, (sometimes spelt Koh Maak) about 2 hours south by boat (Island Hopper) from the port of Bang Bao on the furthest SW point of Koh Chang. About 16 sq kilometres and with a population of only around 500, it is a low-key resort and almost completely unspoilt by development. Accommodation on the island was fairly basic, mostly beach front huts with cold water shower. However, the basic level of accommodation was more than...

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Feb 6, 2007 - Koh Chang, Thailand

It was too dark to see any of the island as the ferry eased up to the dimly-lit wharf. Although it was already late at night, three taxis (pickup trucks with two benches facing each other) were waiting for the few passengers about to disembark. This was the island of Koh Chang, our destination after leaving Siem Reap, Cambodia nearly 16 hours earlier. We wearily hoisted our packs to the driver on the roof rack, then crawled-in with the other tourists for our taxi ride into the main town. The road wound around and over palm-covered hills...

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Jan 27, 2007 - Koh Chang

Na alle belevenissen van de afgelopen weken willen we nog ff "chillen" op Koh Chang. Waren we vorige keer ook al, dus we weten de weg. Vanaf Trat namen we de ferry en gingen naar K.P. huts. Van die bamboehutjes (bijna) op het strand. Koh Chang blijkt in het afgelopen jaar alweer verder volgebouwd te zijn en ontwikkeld zich tot een waar party eiland, zoals Kreta. Gelukkig zijn er net als op Kreta ook rustige plekjes te vinden en daar zitten we dus. Eerst lekker een middag doorgebracht op het strand, lekker eten bij de Baracuda bar. Daar...

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Oct 31, 2006 - Koh Chang, viva o ócio!

Depois de passar 2 rápidos dias em Bangkok para organizarmos nossa viagem pela Tailandia, corremos para nosso refúgio por 8 dias: Koh Chang. Esta bela ilha fica à 6 horas de ônibus e balsa de Bangkok, com águas transparentes e calmas que morrem em areias brancas coroadas por altas palmeiras recheadas de cocos. É quase uma pequena foto do que se imagina de um paraíso tropical. Durante oitos dias nos dedicamos solenemente ao ócio. Nossa rotina era simples: dormíamos depois de assistir vários filmes na HBO, acordávamos perto do meio dia,...

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Jun 30, 2006 - Sihanoukville - Trat - Koh Chang

VERSION FRANCAISE CI-APRES: --------------------------- WEDNESDAY, 27TH - After two adventurous days in SIHANOUKVILLE, we took successively a pick-up truck, a ferry up to the Thailand border and an other pick-up truck up to TRAT. It was a 7 hours journey, including 4 freezing hours on the ferry, the AC was malfunctioning and was set up so low (15C) that at one point I offered that we all start a Polar Bear's hunt with the intent of warming us up! On the boat, we met Olivier (a young French traveler) who joined our group for the two...

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Apr 27, 2006 - Koh Chang

We decided to make a stop-off on our way to Cambodia, and the island of Koh Chang (translates to Elephant island) sounded a great way to unwind for a while. After a 5 hour transfer in a (thankfully) air-conditioned minibus from Bangkok, we took the ferry across to Koh Chang, and then transfered by songtheuw (the local taxi service, which was a pick-up truck with side benches) to our village. As the songtheuw was fairly packed, I ended up hanging off the back of it clutching the metal roof rack bar for dear life, but at least I had fresh air...

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Mar 8, 2006 - Back to thailand ! Direction le Grand Bleu... Koh Chang.

Voila pres de 2 mois que nous n avons plus revu le bleu de la mer et cela nous manque! D ailleurs notre teint commence un peu a palir!! :o( Alors que nous quittons les pistes empoussierees du Cambodge, nous faisons connaissance, entre 2 rebonds (dus au "legeres" deformations de la "route"), de Johan et Malo, 2 toulousinG en vacances dans le coinG. Comme nous, ils filent droit retrouver le Grand Bleu. Habitues a l ile de Koh Chang pour y avoir sejourne plus d un mois, ils nous seront de bons conseils pour denicher un petit bungalow sympa sur...

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