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Mar 21, 2011 - Same same ... but different

After spending a few days living it up in the Hilton Singapore executive lounge it was time to leave our bubble and head to Thailand in search of good food, warm weather and soaking up our first installment of South East Asian culture. We managed to find a cheap flight to Krabi courtesy of Tiger Airlines and were a little uneasy with traveling with an airline we had never heard of. Onwards and upwards (excuse the pun) we thought, new experiences and interesting journeys is what ‘traveling’ is all about. We won’t go into details but it was...

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Jan 23, 2011 - Epic boat trip

We arranged to go on a boat trip today to see what the surrounding area of Phi Phi has to offer and we weren’t disappointed. We set off slightly before midday on a pretty white vessel. We managed to bag the upper deck all to ourselves and sat looking out over the sea and the rest of our boat in our own ‘VIP’ area {or so we called it}. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and we are certainly working on our tans. We were at sea for 40 minutes and then Bamboo Island came in to view. Bamboo is a small island which offers more...

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Jan 22, 2011 - Arrival of friends

Alfie, Pete and Kelly arrived yesterday morning and we bumped in to them as we were leaving to all go out for breakfast. We all went together and couldn’t stop chatting about everything we had done since the last time we were together in Goa. We found out a path has been built to Long beach from the town so we could have walked there yesterday saving us money. We went on the 30 minute walk to the beach which was mixed with path, rocks and jungle trekking. Another enjoyable afternoon, the weather has been perfect since we arrived on the West...

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Jan 21, 2011 - Phi Phi island

We were feeling a little unenthusiastic upon waking this morning. The upside is we have made friends with our lovely Londoner next door neighbours. We all went for brunch together and spent the morning discussing life, travelling and sipping fruit shakes. In the afternoon we decided to visit ‘Long beach’ one of Phi Phi’s most stunning beaches. When I visited here before Long beach was only accessible via long tail boat or you could endure a long rocky climb around the coast. We opted for the easy option and took a short ride from Phi Phi...

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Jan 21, 2011 - Krabi

Koh Samui - Krabi 6.40Uhr Aufbruch in Koh Samui. Wir werden puenklich abgeholt!!! Unser Shuttlebus faehrt noch ueber die halbe Insel um andere Backpacker abzuholen. Mit der Faehre fahren wir wieder zureuck aufs Festland. Mit dem Bus muessen wir dann nochmal ca. 250km bis zum Sammelplatz in Krabi fahren. Mit der langen Wartezeit (wie immer in Thailand) sind wir dann um 14.00Uhr im Bugalow. Wirklich alles was man hier macht ist eine Tagesaufgabe! Der erste Eindruck von Krabi ist nicht der beste.  Unser Bungalow faellt fast auseinander und die...

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Jan 20, 2011 - Ton sai and arrival on Phi Phi Island

Our last day in Ton sai was spent enjoying our surroundings. We headed over to Rai leigh beach for some sunbathing and swimming in the clear blue waters, the sun was so hot and after a few hours we had to make our way back to Ton sai because we were getting burnt. In the evening we ate in our favourite restaurant and relaxed on our porch area. In the morning we left our basic hut and took off to Phi Phi Island. I was extremely unimpressed as one of the resident critters had decided to chew through my bag strap cutting it in half. My bag...

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Jan 18, 2011 - Kayak Adventure

We picked up a couple of single comfortable kayaks this morning as set out at sea again. It is much easier being in control of my own Kayak as Joss likes to paddle Olympic style and I like to take it easy. We crossed the stretch between Ton Sai and Rai Leigh, it was a little difficult at time due to the occasional gust of wind blowing against us. We made it over to the cove and kayaked through coral reef archways and in between rocks. In the shallow coral areas were lots of little fish swimming and some were jumping up out of the water. We...

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Jan 16, 2011 - Kuala Lumpur/Ao Nang/Bangkok

First up I have to say, after writing about India for 2 months, everything else seems SO tame. The contrast between our departure at Trivandrum Airport - hundreds of pushing, queue jumping, shouting, chaotic Indians (not to mention whole families asleep on the floor) to our arrival at KL - cool, calm, polite, clean, well organised and above all - quiet - was wonderful. Takes a few days to get used to the orderliness of everything. For three days filled up on fantastic curry laksas, fried rice noodles and soup, not to mention the pleasure...

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Jan 16, 2011 - Ton Sai and Rai leigh beach

We decided to rent a Kayak this morning as there are plenty more beaches and caves to explore around here. We set off but the kayak was pretty uncomfortable. As we came out of Ton Sai over the rocky terrain we got views of the clear sand larger stretch of beach, Rai leigh. We aimed for there and took a spot on the beach to enjoy the sun. The water was incredible. It felt warm and it’s crystal clear with no rocks or coral unlike neighbouring Ton Sai. We bumped in to the American girls and decided to stay there for the rest of the afternoon....

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Jan 15, 2011 - Back to Thailand

We had another long day travelling yesterday. We decided to set off at midday as we always leave incredibly early when we go anywhere. It started off nicely by having enough time to eat breakfast and get packed up. Our mini bus arrived on time and the 5.5 hour journey to Hat Yai was pretty painless. We had some nice people onboard our bus including two girls from the US and an eccentric Ozzy named Chris who offered Joss a job in Sydney which is great. We had to switch bus at Hat Yai and the Thai’s did the usual filling the bus to the...

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Dec 28, 2010 - Photos!

Finally got round to sorting through the holiday snaps, well at least from the little camera anyway! See them on the following links: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=597327&id=612965251&l=5b04ecfeff http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=597300&id=612965251&l=328aab30c0 Enjoy!

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Nov 19, 2010 - Last day

Well, it's our last day and we're pretty sad to be leaving such an amazing holiday! The hotel let us keep our room until 5pm which meant that we were able to relax and do a touch more sunbathing before packing and leaving for home. We then set off for our 22 hour journey back home on 3 planes, 2 taxis and queueing at passport control and security checks! And it's true, you really do see people in the most unexpected places, we were about to board the flight back from Bangkok and there were two directors from the adidas Group getting on the...

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