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Sep 9, 2010 - Ko Samui

after a week of rain on ko lanta, it's time to change to the other side of thailand...and there it is...the sun!!! lovely, definitely have to catch up on tan (which of course resulted in a burn the first evening ;-)) nobody told me that ko samui is actually the 'mallorca' of thailand :-( germans wherever you turn...nightmare...especially the old guys in speedos who still think they can pull them off! :-D so, will enjoy the western food for some days and maybe head to the next island soon!

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May 13, 2010 - One more day to go!

Hi Everyone, Well what's been going on during the last couple of days here in Koh Samui? Two days ago we hooked up with Mr. Jack. He took us on a day tour to many sights around the island ( or as many say here "iceland" ). We went on a tour of Wat Khum Aram. This is a temple where The body of Samui's most famous mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng, is on display here in a specially constructed building. When he died more than 20 years ago, he was sitting in a meditation position. He is still in that same position and his body shows few signs of...

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May 10, 2010 - Somebody turn down the temperature!!!

Hi all, Ok, so I have been trying to make this entry for the last two days. The internet connection has been hit/miss. We have had a busy few days. Two days ago, we hired a speed boat to take us to Anthong National Marine Park. We snorkeled and kayaked. We also hiked up to a hidden lagoon on one of the islands. We had an amazing Thai lunch that was prepared by our guides. It was a great day of adventure. That evening we went to Chewang Stadium to watch some MuyThai Boxing matches. It was very interesting. Actually the light weight class,...

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May 6, 2010 - Good morning Koh Samui

Hello all you snow people ( ok, only the ones in the west), Sorry, it's been 3 days since my last entry. Ever since we arrived here in Koh Samui it has been 100% downtown. Crashing on a beach chair and swimming in the ocean. The temperatures have not went below about 42/43degrees plus humidity. Yesterday morning it rained so hard that the streets were flooded. I have never seen so much rain coming down. It only lasted about 4 hours, then the rest of the day was fun in the sun. Our resort is fully booked, surprising given that the island...

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Apr 30, 2010 - bo phut, koh samui, gulf of thailand

Been here for 2 days now. for anyone thinking of coming to koh samui, i'd thoroughly recommend u look at here rather than chaweng or lamai. its a lot quieter and far less westernised, no burger king or mcdonalds here thank god!! Haven't really got much to say, have been here 2 days and have spent most of the time sleeping, getting over jetlag. The island itself is beautiful, i'm hoping to get some photos on here soon so u can see where iom coming from. Went to a fishing village nearby called, imaginatively, the fishing village, and just...

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Mar 17, 2010 - Bangkok (Laem Chabang) Thailand

Wed 17th March – Day 67 Bangkok (Laem Chabang) Thailand. We awoke early this morning as the ship manoeuvred its way, slowly, to our docking area, past lots of containers; breakfast was early as our tour left at 8.30. We did wonder if we would land here being as there was a lot of unrest over the current government. However the captain sent a message that due to the unrest we would make the stop but it was unwise to venture unescorted into Bangkok. The organised escorted tours would be reasonably safe, so off we went. The sky was pretty...

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Jan 11, 2010 - Ko Samui

nach ko samui bin ich nur gefahren weil von dort der preiswerteste flug nach hanoi ging... nur dumm wenn man visa-on-arrival woertlich nimmt d.h. beim umsteigen in bangkok wurde mir freundlich, aber bestimmt klar gemacht, dass mich die vietnamesen NICHT einreisen lassen wuerden ! schade, dass ich schon in ko samui in der international-departure aus thailand ausgereist bin, so dass ich mich schon im international-transit bereich des groessten flughafens - den ich kenne - befand. was zur folge hatte, dass man mich durch die katakomben und...

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Oct 22, 2009 - Ko Samui

We have been staying at a beautiful hotel, The Imperial Samui, on the island of Samui (ko means island) for the last three nights. It took us almost a whole day to fly here from Chaing Rai, two short one-hour flights with a 3-½ hour layover in Bangkok. Ko Samui is beautiful, a fairly large island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. The islands main industry is tourism, although the interior is still coconut plantations. The shoreline is fully developed, with nice hotels and beautiful beaches. The Imperial Samui Hotel is fantastic and...

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Jun 7, 2009 - Massagen, Gemüse, Erholung und mehr

Nach aufregneden Fährfahrten kommt das königliche Paar im Urlaubsparadies Ko Samui an. Neben Massagen, sich sonnen, Drinks wird sehr gesund aus einheimischer Küche gegessen. Die Königin hat immer einen hochroten Kopf, da das Essen viel zu scharf für sie ist. Der Kanzler unternimmt noch einmal einen Versuch die Reiseroute spontan in Richtung Kambodscha und Vietnam zu verlgegen. Der Ausgang ist noch offen...

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Feb 19, 2009 - Ko Samui

I'm in love. This place is GORGEOUS! We got here by a 2 hour long mini van drive and then a 1.5 hour ferry ride and then a 20 minute ride in the back of a truck :S. We pulled up to Chewang Beach Resort and were immediately impressed- gold foil, pink paint and palm trees really did it for us. After checking into my room I raced down to the beach to catch the last hour and a bit of sunshine. The beach is glorious and there are great people watching opportunities. Within the first few minutes I saw a geeky looking blonde guy walking down the...

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Dec 7, 2008 - Ko Samui

After a 5 hour bus ride and an hour and a half ferry, we arrived in the Gilf of Thailand on the island of Ko Samui. Still a bit under the weather from my stomach bug, I was hoping for a little more comfort than the other guesthouses. The place we stayed at was on the North East side of the island in Chawang, about 5 monutes walk from the beach. Holiday guesthouse was for sure an upgrade from our last stays! A tv, fridge, hot water(yes I have been taking cold showers the past few weeks) and they brought you breakfast to your room. Very...

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Nov 25, 2008 - The Big Buddha!

No matter the fact that many of the roads were impassable, we had decided that we must make the effort to reach The Big Buddha. Now dressed in our super duper rain macs we headed out on the bikes to the North of the island where we would find The Big Buddha. It was rather a treacherous journey. With the main road closed and deviations in place it meant going down roads not familiar to Mike who knew the island. We managed it though and had the cleanest feet due to the flood water encroaching up the bikes. The Honda Klicks were doing their...

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