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Jan 17, 2007 - Khon Kaen crossing the Laos border

It seems that while most signs in southern Thailand are bilingual, in the north west they aren't. The only way I realised I was in Khon Kaen was by a random mention in the guide book that there were lots of plastic dinosaur models around the town - something to do with lots of skeletons being found near here. Not the best way to decide where you are, but it worked. Took a tuk tuk - a three wheeled contraption with a motorbike front half and a covered rear half, so called because of the noise they make - to my hostel. This time the only...

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Jul 10, 2005 - Playing dress ups in Chiang Mai

We finally got our Thai dress up photos taken tonight. It's been so hot that the thought of dressing up has put everyone off, but the kids really want them for Bobbie so tonight was our last chance. I think she will be pleased (I am adding this entry after she has been told - I'm not spoiling the surprise!)there are some great shots of Kiara, Shae and Corin - they chose their clothes separately but they all match really well. It's a bit disgusting when they make you up. They use communal makeup and it made me shudder. Actually I think I was...

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Feb 16, 2005 - Hong Moonmung - Khon Kaen City Museum

The meaning of "Hong Moonmung" "Hong Moonmung" in the northeastern dialect can be divided into two words: "Hong" and "Moonmung". "Hong " refers to a big hall or tower. "Moonmung" means assests or heritage. Thus, "Hong Moonmung Muang Khon Kaen" signifies a big tower storing assests identifying history and ways of life of the people of Khon Kaen from the past to the present. Khon Kaen has been the land of civilization with cultural heritages and prosperity since the prehistoric age. Such evidence can be identified by the biggest ancient...

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Jan 12, 2005 - Khon Kaen, Thailand

I ended up here because I knew that I could see Noi, who had worked in our department for 2 years. This visit was a big surprise, for me. We stayed in the Sofitel - a 5 star hotel in Khon Kaen, and operated at a loss. The hotel is beautiful, the room we were in was outstanding, and the ambiance was exceptional -- and Thai. I did a presentation for the residentson management of fluid and electrolytes in children. They were nervous - about 10 females, and one male. The Medical School started in 1972. The MD program is 6 years. The buildings...

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