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Aug 10, 2010 - Soapstones and off we go to Tanzania!

As it's been a few days, you'll have to excuse me if I get the order of things wrong. After Kisii, you got back on the magical tour bus and with Akeo-Snoop Dog's (he looked the spitting image)formula one style driving we arrived at a soapstone factory to see how they make the beautiful statues and bits and bobs that they sell made out of soapstone. It was quite interesting, plus they had a shop! Here's the guy demonstrating putting something or other on to make it all shiny! He was really very talented, and they seem to proved jobs for lots...

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Aug 9, 2010 - Lake Victoria...Ahhhh, mozzies!

Fantastic, we arrived at Lake Victoria! But....don't get in the water! There's tiny little parasites ready to do weird things to you and bury into your skin! It was a beautiful campsite on the shore of Lake Victoria called Tembo Beach. Later on I will return to the campsite to show my voluntary team, but for now we have just jumped off the giant truck and our stretching our legs. The campsite was beautiful, and a little bit higgildy-piggildy. It's a camp-site and a random building of rooms on their own. We put up our tent and started to...

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Oct 7, 2006 - Sunset over lake victoria

Today Tanzania !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We crossed the border on our way to the serengeti. Tanzanian roads are much better than kenyan as the guard at the border was very keen to point out. But tanzania is noticable poorer than kenya again people live in mud huts here. I have decided i actually really enjoy crossing border my truck mates think i am crazy but its fun the atticipation of a new country, the border gaurds who always say wierd things to you and you have to be overly nice to them to get your stamp ,trying to open you...

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Apr 6, 2005 - Serengeti - Lake Victoria --CHEETAH VS. IMPALA

Started off from camp at 5:30 for our very last game drive. Anna, Tanya, Nigel and I took the first shift on the roof seats of the truck. The view from up top was great. Soon after we started, we saw a leopard in a tree. An hour later, we a cheetah under a bush (possibly with cub). As we continued on down the road, we saw a lone cheetah staring down a male impala, who was protecting the herd several feet behind him. The impala herd had packed themselves together for protection. We watched in silence, waiting and hoping to see some action...

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Jul 16, 2004 - Lake Victoria - Tanzania

I awoke to Sarita wishing me a happy birthday. Its seems everyone knew, as I got kind birthday wishes all day. Our plan for today was to drive from Nakuru area to Musoma beside Lake Victoria in Tanzania, so a day of travelling. We started off driving through Kenyan countryside, past avres and acres of deep green tea plantations and thorugh small villages. Just before the Kenya/Tanzania border we stopped off the side of the road for lunch. It also happened to be near a school so before long we had between 80-100 kids forming a sime-circle...

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