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Nov 7, 2010 - Krak des Chevaliers

We've arrived in the little town of Al-Hosn, the location of a magnificent Crusader castle called Krak des Chevaliers. A bit of excitement the first evening as Richard slipped over in the shower and cracked his head open. Fortunately we have a nurse, radiographer and very enthusiastic group leader who raced in to inspect the damage - fortunately no stitches required and Kylie applied steristrips to hold things together. At dinner blood kept seeping out and the hotel guys eventually decided to take matters into their own hands and went out...

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Apr 1, 2010 - Krak des Chevaliers

We visited the Krak des Chevaliers which is one of the biggest and best preserved Crusader castles in the region. I was sick and it was rainy/cold so I only took the second picture that I posted. Erik had my camera (he lost his) and took a few more. It's bad when it's landscape-ish pictures and I still don't want to take any photos. But it was a cool visit. The mist/rain made for an interesting time climbing on the slippery rocks.

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Jul 11, 2006 - Tripoli

Sorry about the lack of updates. The internet connection in my dorm is broken so I have to use the four computers available to the program, which are only available for limited times each day and have 20 people trying to use them. At any rate, last Thursday we went to Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon. It is very old (founded by the Phoenecians) and its citadel has been held by Arabs, Crusaders, Mamaluks, Ottamans, and the French since it was first built in the 7th century. In Tripoli I had my first real experience with muslims....

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Apr 3, 2006 - Krak des Chevaliers

This is one of the most preserved castle ive visited. The first fortress excited in 1031 built by the Emir of Homs. The Crusaders came through on their way to Jerusalum and pushed the Emir out in the late 11th century. In the mid 12th century the knights of the Crusades began constructing what you see today. In 1271 the Mamuluk sultan Beybars marched on the Krak as it was the last outpost remaining of the Crusades. Jerusalem had already been lost.

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Aug 17, 2005 - Crac De Chevaliers, Syria

Wednesday, August 17. Crac Des Chevaliers. I took a day tour to Crac Des Chevaliers organized by my hotel Cairo (550 Syrian pounds/double; $12). We went in a old Mercedes driven by Omar. The others were William from Scotland, Abdul Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia, and, as he called her, Abdul's "Madame" (Dressed in black Chador). It was quite a diverse group of people in our car! Crac Des Chevaliers is a largely intact Crusader castle built in the 12th Century by the Knights of St. John. It is perhaps the best preserved medieval castle in the...

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Jul 7, 2005 - Abdul and 3 castles (Crac des Chevaliers)

Using Hama as a springboard, we booked a tour of three nearby castles, including the infamous Crac des Chevaliers which is probably the best preserved of all the Crusader castles. The Crusaders had a line of castles all along the route to the holy land, some they built themselves, but more often they captured and fortified local citadels. Our driver for the day was the amiable Abdul who took excellent care of us in his beige 1974 Mercedes which, like Abdul himself, remains in great condition. MASYAF CASTLE First up was Masyaf Castle which,...

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Mar 25, 2005 - Homs/Krak des Chevaliers Castle

By bus and a costly minibus to this high peak citidel which TE Lawrence called the "finest castle in the world" which indeed I must agree is truely a marvel. It is well preserved, as the guidebook says, it cannot have looked much different 800 yrs ago. We spent 2-3 hours here and saw it all. The first fortress build on this site was by the Emir of Homs in 1031 AD but the Crusader Knights assisted by a Hungarian noble in the 12th century largely built and expanded the Krak. Despite many attacks & seiges the castle held firm and was never...

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Nov 24, 2004 - HAMMA (incl. Crac De Chevalier; Afamia; Dead cities)

Hello, We're now in Hamma/Syria. We left on Saturday Nov 20th, 2004. It was a beautiful day, but cold...............we first took a taxi to the Luxury bus station (NOT!) and then had to find the proper bus to Hamma. We finally bought 2 tickets for 80 syr pnds ($1.60 USD). We met a very nice man named, "A.J." who kept us company all the way to his town, just outside of Hamma. When we got to Hamma, it started to poor with rain, so we got out our beautiful yellow bags (poncho) to wear. If we didn't already stand out, we sure got the attention,...

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