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Aug 16, 2017 - A few days 'home' in Switzerland

16-18August Back in Switzerland staying with and visiting great friends. Truly my home away from home. Green green green. Flowers blooming everywhere. Blue skies. Beautiful lake. Wonderful Alps. Pauline is happy happy. Lots of last minute final detail planning with Sandra and Terry who are joining Helen and I on the GR10 walk. Fair bit of frustration with my newly purchased prepaidzero travel SIM card. Previously a good brand but so far I'm not greatly happy. Stay tuned to see what support I get!! Reunited with my bike Max. Washed it,...

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Aug 26, 2016 - 3 relaxing days

I have stayed in Morges for the last 3 days just catching up on things that I need to do before I leave and having some enjoyable lunches and dinners with friends.... and icecreams along the lake front with my landlady and her elderly sisters who live on different floors of this house. It's been really lovey being here with them

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Aug 23, 2016 - Marchairuz and machines

Overview Yet another lovely day to do a bike ride. Climbed away from the lake up to the Jura, taking the cantonal roads, which were more busy than yesterday's farm roads but still not many cars. The headwind was quite strong for most of the way and I was worried it would make the mountain pass climb even more difficult, but once I turn up into the climb the wind seemed to drop. The climb was about 8 km with some steepish bits, although I had already climbed gradually ever since leaving Morges!! The actual climb took me 1h 15mins. At the...

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Aug 22, 2016 - Bike trip down memory lane

Overview Got up (very late ) today and planned to ride to one of the local mountain passes over the Jura. Was dressed and ready when u decided to check if the cafe at the top was open. Closed Mondays! So decided to delay my trip there until tomorrow As I was all ready to go I decided to just explore the small roads in the region... and refresh my memory as this is where I used to live. Set off and after awhile I came across a sign for velo route 46. No idea (at that time) where it went but decided to follow it. It took me towards where I...

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Aug 21, 2016 - Hiking near Les Mosses

Overview Sandra collected me and we drove into the mountains for a walk. The farmland was beautiful with traditional wooden farm houses with carvings, Swiss flags and lots of flowery window boxes. Our walking route was a circular tour around the Arpilles. Encountered pigs and cows along the way and even a private cable car to bring the cheese back down from the farm up high. After our day of walking we called in briefly at a country market at Les Mosses and stopped for a hot drink in a cafe. Then back to the apartment with just enough time...

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Aug 20, 2016 - Funiculi funicula

After a quick trip to a sports shop to buy a drink bottle holder for my backpack , I had a look around the local market. Bought a bunch of flowers for my landlady, went home and collected an umbrella and then waited by the lake for my friend Celine to collect me. There was a bit of rain about but it wasn't cold. We went to Vevey and took the funicular to Mont Pèlerin. Normally there would be a wonderful view over and along the lake from there, but the low cloud reduced visibility today. Not to worry we went into the Swiss restaurant and...

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Aug 19, 2016 - Dinner 'chez moi'

18 and 19 August A couple of quiet relaxing days. Thu 18th I had my 2 friends Sandra and Terry to my apartment for dinner. It was a really pleasant evening catching up with the latest news and generally enjoying a pleasant evening at home Fri 19 I spent a little bit of time with my neighbour Odette then walked to Terry's to collect my bike. Rode it back to Morges and called in at a bike shop to see if they could do a service and repair of the gears. This is the busy time for bike shops here I discovered! Wil return next week. Had a...

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Aug 17, 2016 - Return to Morges

Overview No serious walking today. After doing a bit of cleaning and preparing to leave the chalet Bettina, Yves and I had a pleasant walk into the centre of town via a path known as the squirrel walk. Sure enough there were a few squirrels running about and people with kids waiting to see them. We continued on, had a quick look in the church which was large but quite simple, then walked around the town. Back at the chalet we had a quick lunch outside and then packed the car and left. They dropped me at the train station at Aigle and I...

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Aug 12, 2016 - Golf anyone?

Overview My friend Beni organised an 'unofficial' golf tournament for his work clients and acquaintances and as he and his wife (my friend Terry) were playing in it they asked if I could be a photographer along with their lovely daughter Sarah, who is currently on school vacations. I used one of their nice cameras. Tricky getting action shots! Gave me a nice time to catch up with Sarah who has just returned from ice skating training in Canada. We took photos of the teams at the first tee then when all had left we moved to the 9th green and...

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Aug 11, 2016 - A walk to Lausanne

Overview Slept in very late after watching the Olympics until 2am. What was I thinking! The day was beautiful so decided to do a walk along the lake to Lausanne. The flowers along the way were lovely and the alps across the lake were very clear. Many people along the way picnicking and enjoying the water. Passed many of my old haunts from when i was working in the area. Had thought I would catch a boat back to Morges from Lausanne(Ouchy) but the next one going there was a long wait so I walked into the centre of Lausanne and caught a train...

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Aug 10, 2016 - Relaxing in Morges

Overview Slept last night with the windows open and enjoyed the sounds of the Morges including the hourly chiming of the clock. Yes, I really do like that !! Apartment owner(Odette) called in this morning with a fresh croissant and a tartlette au fromage for me. Unfortunately I couldn't have them as not GF. But very sweet of her. She reminded me it was market day so I quickly went to have a look before closing, as it was only minutes away. Bought some delicious GF biscuits from a Moroccan couple, who insisted I try them first and they gave...

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Aug 9, 2016 - Back in Switzerland

Overview An early start to the day and Anne very kindly drove me to the airport. Was delighted to see both my backpack and bag arrive in Geneva. Took the train to Morges and then it was a short walk to my apartment (3rd floor of a 17th century house in the centre of town) . The apartment owner (78 yr old) shares the floor with me and she invited me in for tea and homemade cheese cake. She is lovely. Did a little food shopping then a quiet evening 'at home'. Route Cork>Heathrow>Geneva Distance n/a Weather Fine Accommodation Apartment in...

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