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Nov 11, 2012 - SBB Observation Car

My train back north is a right old mixed bag of coaches but near the front is another lovely 4/4 and tucked inside there is a huge observation coach, it's plush, light and airy. The downside to this train north there is no restaurant or mini bar and its another 2 hours before my next destination. A quick check of the time table reveals that if I get off at Bellizona, wait 30 mins for the next train north this has a restaurant car. As its a special day I want to enjoy it all the more.

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Jan 16, 2010 - Bellinzona & San Salvatore

On Friday the 16th, Magda let us out of Italian early so we could all catch a train early to Bellinzona (about 20 minutes away by train). There we saw 3 castles. We only toured inside one of them, since the other two were closed. The three castle are mainly the result of intensive and complex building activity undertaken by the Dukes of Milan in the 15th century. They formed a barrier right across the Ticino valley floor to halt the advance of the confederates in the Medieval era. It was interesting to walk around and just think of how old...

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Lugano 2010

Sep 11, 2009 - Weekend at the Villa

I have been so busy the last few weeks I didn't get a chance to post this entry from a few weeks ago, so here it is it is from the weekend of the September 11-13! This last weekend I stayed around the villa for a relaxing weekend and to see the sights around town because I have been so busy with classes, I barely have time to leave the villa! So Friday afternoon some people and I hiked up Mount Saint Georgia, which is one of the Alps right behind the villa. We started the hike, which is literally right down the street from the villa- all...

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Feb 25, 2009 - Bellinzona revisited

Hi everyone! So I’m supposed to be reading for class, but I keep getting distracted and figured I would at least be productive with my journaling! Also Emily – I blame you for me being anti-social and hiding out in my room, I am now loving How I Met Your Mother and watch at least two episodes before dinner every day. Thankfully I just finished the season finale so maybe now I’ll finally meet a friend (just kidding!) and a little more productive  Anyways, this past week we’ve gone to Bellinzona two more times than I was expecting this...

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Jan 11, 2009 - Bellinzona

Hey all! I'm just doing a quick entry because we have some down time and I can finally catch up on my journaling/facebooking but unfortunately emails down here so I can't catch up on that! The internet here has been spotty, but this year they added wireless. Technically it's just for the people staying in the Montarina as more temporary guests, but of course everyone in the VT group has sneakily been using it as well. Yesterday a group of 6 of us took the train to Bellinzona. We didn't have any experience with the train system before, so it...

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