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Aug 8, 2011 - Wednesday 3rd- Vasteras

Wednesday 3rd Well after much discussion we will be heading up to see Jens other grand parents (from her mums side). They live about a 6 hour drive away not far from Stockholm in a town called Vasteras. Marie and Michael have been very kind and allowed us to take their car all that way and although we really don’t have much time left on this holiday Jen doesn’t know when it will be that she will be back in Sweden if she doesn’t visit them this trip. Was a pretty good drive and just cranked some tunes and had a bit of a sing to pass away the...

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Jun 1, 2007 - Only 2 sleeps!

Yes as the title of this post suggests, we now only have two sleeps left in Sweden. One at our apartment in Vasteras and one at the airport in Stockholm (not as uncomfortable as it might sound - we have a room booked). The last few months seem to have flown by - in stark contrast to November, December and January that felt like they'd never end. What a difference warmer weather and sunshine make! Speaking of the weather (well it wouldn't be a post from Sweden without some good weather commentary), the best part of our last two weeks here...

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May 18, 2007 - Spring flowers in Vasteras

Spring here in Vasteras is like nothing we've ever seen. A real explosion of colour with leaves back on trees and the massive array of colourful flowers that seemed to spring up overnight. If you're not into nature shots of flowers, don't worry about the photos on this one - on the other hand if you like that kind of thing, here's a few shots we took around town the other day.

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May 13, 2007 - What's Up Doc?

A few weeks ago, we were out walking with friends Lakshmi, Amit and baby Anya - well truth be told, Anya wasn't doing much walking. Asleep on the job as she was. We've seen some interesting sights here in Sweden, but this was certainly a first. We noticed a whole bunch of people out on such a nice day and an agility circuit set up. Excellent I thought - cute dogs doing agility. Then of course, the cogs of the brain started to turn and I realized the jumps looked pretty small - lazy dogs! But then on closer inspection, it wasn't puppy dogs...

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May 11, 2007 - Cykelfest

Hi folks, I thought I might do a short post to tell you about an annual event of the calendar for the substation automation group - Cykelfesten (literally, The Bike Party). I was invited to join a team of six other distinguished gentleman, forming part of a team which later was named Paranoid Martians. Liz and I put in a big effort the night before the bike party doing personalized shirts for the team which looked pretty cool (see the photos). Cykelfesten combines two passions of most Swedish people - 1. bike riding in the sunshine and 2....

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Mar 23, 2007 - The challenge is set - have you bought bigger?

Hello there everyone! Saturday morning here and the weather is... you guess it... dodgy! It's supposed to warm up and get sunnier this weekend but haven't seen any evidence of that yet... but I digress! Ian and I got lazy last night and couldn't resist the lure of the pizza joint across the road. We ordered a family size margarita and a children's size 'sebastian' - check out the photo and see what they class as family and children's here - yikes! And yes, the pizza was almost touching the edges of the boxes :-) Ian and I reckon they should...

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Feb 25, 2007 - Ice Fishing & Winter Sports

Hello folks, Liz and I have been a little quiet during February. This isn't really a reflection on our enthusiasm for making internet posts, more a statement about the month that has been in Sweden - the indoor retreat! Typically, February is when Vasteras has the most snow and is at its coldest. And they weren't joking about the cold. During the months there has been snow on and off (just a couple of centimeters every few days) and temperatures that have dipped as low as -15 degrees - which we are happy to say is just too cold for a couple...

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Dec 31, 2006 - 2 people, 4 months in a 1 bedroom apartment in Sweden, in winter - what do you do? GO TROPPO!

First of all - Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had an enjoyable end to 2006 and heralded in 2007 in style and fun. Now begins the challenge of remembering to write 2007, not 2006! It usually only takes me about 3 weeks to remember that :-) And then there's that exciting feeling of starting afresh, making the first entries in a beautiful, clean diary - ah gotta love the new year! Well as the title suggests, Ian and I went for a bit of a beach/tropical theme for our New Year's celebrations - call it an act of hope for 2007 or an act of...

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Dec 28, 2006 - Christmas comes again - Santa obviously isn't holding any grudges re Rudolph

Excitement galore this afternoon to come home from work (which by the way is pretty boring with most people away - Ian's only had one other person there this week, and he's taking tomorrow off, so it's the Ian solo show)... and discover more parcels from home in those lovely, familiar Australia Post boxes. Thanks Kathryn & Scott, Joan & Ross (or should we say Angus - it's amazing what that dog can do without opposable thumbs!), Jakki the legend and Johan & Ida! Vegemite Stocks: Soaring! While Jakki's first tube got us through the first 3...

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Dec 26, 2006 - Boxing Day - Briget Jones now has a rival

As the delectable Christmas goodies began to dwindle, Boxing Day was the time to regain some normality before heading back to work after four days off - the sofa bed was packed away and after an exciting morning spent washing clothes and watching more TV, wondering at the weather outside, we ventured out for lunch (a toasted baguette and salad - not as healthy as it sounds!) and a spot of Boxing Day sales shopping. Skiing/ice skating needs were on the agenda and we picked up some groovy goggles for each of us - Ian's were a bargain, but...

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Dec 25, 2006 - Christmas Day - a church experience worthy of 'What the?'

Christmas Day arrived and it felt a bit strange to have already opened our presents. We had our normal oats brekky and picked up the phone to dial home. It was great to have a chat to everyone - if only brief and thanks again to the fam for the wonderful pressies giving us plenty of edible, wearable and soapy goodies from home. Such decadent treats that we can't get over here are the best presents of all after 4 months living in Sweden. I've started using the frangipani soap T & J and it makes me think of home in Sarina and Grandma &...

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Dec 24, 2006 - Christmas Eve - Donald Duck, opening presents and feasting - we feel so naughty!

After a great sleep in (late night pizza and board games the night before), we woke with excitement at the prospect of Christmas Eve and present opening! Definitely no white Christmas with quite a warm day and the bluest blue sky we've had in ages - check out the photo! We thought we might have woken up in Australia for a while there :-) We enjoyed a yummy oat brekky followed by Sunday vegemite tradition - alive and well, sponsored by lovely family members back home! Thanks again :-) Then it was time to delve into the lovely pile of...

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