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Aug 22, 2014 - Feels like being back on the Trans Canada Highway

Today we left Karlstad and headed east again to Stockholm the capital of Sweden. We had a good journey. The road at times felt as if we were back travelling on the Trans Canada Highway with a great deal of nothing except trees and rock. Our campground was just on the edge of Stockholm but near enough to catch the T bana or underground into the centre. The campground was very busy but we found a spot.

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Jun 21, 2014 - Sweden

Sweden, mostly Stockholm (This may be of less interest to some readers) Yes, I know I said I was finished my blog but Ralph and Lois said "what about Sweden? At the end of our big trip, we went to Sweden for ten days to visit Aunty Teslin, Uncle Hugo and Grammar's grandchildren: Mia (6 3/4), Thomas (4 1/2), and Olivia (1 1/2). We thought you would not be interested but since you asked, here goes! We had lots of rain in Stockholm but nothing stops Aunty Teslin from getting everyone out, all dressed for wetness. We went to lots of...

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Jun 19, 2014 - Miscellaneous observations

Miscellaneous observations: Russia and Baltic Countries - many, many people smoking cigarettes: everywhere in Russia 70 euro fine for smoking in hotel room: Tallinn least tourists (none) and least tourist information: Novosibirsk (who knew that even Snowflake would learn to spell this easily!) Best shower: Novosibirsk best breakfast breads and variety of herring: Holiday Inn, Helsinki first ironing board and iron in room, first kettle, Holiday Inn, Helsinki first casino and sex massage ads in general tourist guide book: Tallinn heated...

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Jun 5, 2014 - Sweden Day 3

We've spent the last two days exploring Stockholm, traveling in each morning and back to the cottage each evening by commuter ferry - a gorgeous way to begin and end each day. Stockholm is built on a number of islands, so yesterday we used the hop-on hop-off boat to learn our way around. It is a very beautiful city full of very grand, large old buildings from the 17th century onward. The boulevards are wide and beautiful,there are numerous lovely small parks, and nary a skyscraper to be seen. It seems that you are never far from the water...

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Jun 3, 2014 - Heja (Hello) Sweden

Had an easy flight after an early start this morning, and arrived at Arlanda Airport on time at 3:00 p.m. It's a small airport with a casual feeling and is not a giant shopping mall on a runway the way the large airports are. Customs was a breeze; the female customs officer asked me the purpose of my visit (vacation) then asked who I was traveling with and was speechless when I told her I was traveling alone. She excused herself by saying that it was unusual and wished me a pleasant stay! Was it because I have gray hair and therefore she...

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Jan 20, 2014 - Day 29 - Hello, this is Stockholm calling

An early morning which comes as a bit of a shock to the system since it's been a few days since we've had to get up early! I mean, early. Before breakfast is opened in the restaurant early (although the conceirge informs us there is the early pre breakfast we could partake in despite never hearing of this before) . We check out of the Grand Marina Scandic and jump on the number 4 tram to the central railway station where the Finnair bus to the airport is just reversing out of its bay. We walk quicker while Rog waves his arms wildly at the...

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Jan 3, 2014 - Stockholm.

Friday, 3 January. After that I changed to a high speed train, the journey continued through a grey and gloomy Sweden. For me it was a little bit nostalgic to travelling on this railroad. For a period of 10 years, I had my work on the mail trains on this stretch. Many memories, but a long time ago and now much have changed since than. Around 12 o’clock the train arrived to Stockholm. I stored my luggage and went out of the railway station for, having some food and also a couple of beers. As usual my strategy is to stay in Stockholm city...

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Oct 24, 2013 - Stockholm

Stockholm Stockholm is a diamond, beautiful yet cold, both in temperature and temperament. Like Italy, it has the narrow cobbled alleys hemmed in by the sienna, mustard, and pale pink row houses, arched entranceways to secret alcoves, views of the busy waterfront everywhere. Except for the cold air, I could have imagined that I was wandering an Italian town on the River Po, and in fact, it has been called the Venice of the north. It sits on the edge of Lake Malaren, close to the Baltic Sea, as it has since the mid-13th century, and teems...

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Oct 13, 2013 - Day 14 Stockholm

It was another perfect weather day. It was great because we first took a tour of the newer areas of Stockholm. We hadn't spent much time there, and the tour guide was quite informative. We also slipped into a church just finishing its Sunday morning service. Later we toured the Swedish Parliament. Interesting, but according to Craig, a little boring. We went back to Old Stockholm because there were a couple of buildings we had missed, including the oldest continually run business without being remodeled (per Guinness). A coffee shop break...

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Oct 12, 2013 - Day 13 Stockholm

Today was that perfect day that all sightseers dream for. A perfect blue sky, abundant sunshine, a cool temperature and no wind. And it was perfect for spending the day touring the island of Djurgarden. The island is near central Stockholm and has been "royal land" since the fifteenth century. In the 1600s most of the island was used as the Kings hunting ground The Rosendals Slot, the Kings summer palace, is on the island along with several of city’s top museums, an aquarium and a small amusement park. There are gardens, and enjoyable cafés...

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Oct 11, 2013 - Day 12 Stockholm

After a delicious breakfast with Sofia, we were on our way back to Central Station. We arrived In Stockholm at 10 AM with sunny skies again and a warm temperature. As soon as we left Central Station we could see that Stockholm was a remarkable city. It was a beautiful mile walk from Central Station to the AF Chapman Ship where we'll be staying for the next couple of days. The ship was launched in 1888 and is 290 feet long. It made many made voyages to the United States and Australia. It has been fully remodeled and is quite beautiful. We...

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