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Jul 26, 2007 - Kattvik

Finn drove me down to Ulrica's place at Kattvik. One and a half hours south through beautiful rolling green countryside. Ulrica lives in a beautiful quaint small village 6 kilometres outside Bastad another beautiful quaint larger village! I had a wonderful time and the hospitality has been brilliant. The countryside surrounding Kattvik is rolling green hills with dairy cattle and apple orchards with tiny narrow roads. It is the height of summer and Bastad has a lovely little beach where in the evening they have live music. The weekend I was...

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Jun 18, 2006 - North Zealand

Leaving Copenhagen early we headed north to the North Zealand area of Denmark to do a popular loop which covers Frediksborg Castle, Kronberg Castle and Fredensborg Palace. From Kronberg Castle you can see straight across the Oresund to Sweden. Being around the right time, Phil & I were keeping a close eye out for any Volvo boats making their way to the finish line in Gothenburg but to no avail! Our next stop was the Fredensborg Castle where the Danish royal family resides in summer. The 18th century mansion wasn't accessible but the royal...

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Jun 3, 2006 - Lerbergets

Another early start, another long day. We decided to simply drive across Denmark for now as we'll be coming back through here in 2 weeks. So we were Sweden bound, but it cost a small fortune in Danish Kroner to cross the extremely expensive toll bridges. At 30 Euros a pop, we were lucky one lady has visited Sydney twice & went easy on us. She measured the van & found that we were into the higher category by 50cms but let us get away with it. After another 8 hour driving day and 1200kms in two days we found a great little seaside campground...

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Sep 22, 2005 - J: Helsingor

Helsingor is a lovely seaside town with ships and ferries coming into dock under the shadow of Kronborg castle... which earned a place in history and the hearts of tourists when Shakespeare choose it as the location for Hamlet (which was inspired by a play written for the Danish King years earlier). The interesting thing about Kronborg, which I believe, probably earned its Unesco heritage designation, is that its defense walls are still largely intact. The walls form a star that reminds me of Baltimore Maryland’s' Fort McHenry outer defense...

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Skipping Stones

Aug 1, 2005 - Svedala

Start: Helsingborg End: Svedala Weather: Sun & Clouds with some rain Ride: 100km The tent was a bit wet from overnight rain, so I lingered by the beach while it dried. I had a big day ahead of me because I wanted to reach the south-west corner of Sweden and find a campsite in the middle of a triangle comprising Lund, Malmo & Trelleborg. I had a map that showed a splotch of blue (a lake) in that position and I was heading to it. I continued to follow the cycle route, which was basically an occasional sign pointing to the next town on the...

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Jul 31, 2005 - Helsingborg

Start: Hillerod End: Helsingborg Weather: Sun & Clouds then late rain Ride: 45km Once again I am writing a journal entry because of rain. This time it is late in the day, I'm short of my destination and I am sheltering under a yacht in dry dock as I was passing a yacht club when a storm broke. The day started in sunshine and although there were clouds in the sky they weren't threatening. It hadn't rained overnight so my tent wasn't wet, however the tent and some of my gear was damp, so I lingered as I packed to allow things to dry. I broke...

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Jun 11, 2005 - Helsingborg, Sweden

We came to Helsingborg to find Michele. In case you haven't memorized our website, she is a freind that we met in Peru, while on the Inca Trail. We've been here for five hours and haven't found her yet. We did find Michelle! Hurray. Then we had a picnic up by the Princesses summer mansion as usual. We frolicked on her lawn while eating potato salad and overlooking the ocean and Denmark. Yes. There is a view of Denmark from there. Weird.

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Jun 5, 2005 - Lundt Sweden

We boarded the coach and headed to Sweden which involves a tunnel and long bridge. Once in Lund, we got a very quick tour around the grounds of the Lund Cathedral and she told us about the other buildings surrounding the cathedral. The cathedral was built in the 1100's and is still in service today. We got to see the inside of the church dedicated to St. Lawrence who was grilled when he became a martyr. The most interesting thing in the church is a giant clock built in the 1300's. It has a calendar well until 2130 something. It is a...

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Oct 8, 2004 - Some climbing shots

Hi, These are some climbing pics which pretty much summarise the nearest climbing to Lund. Most of these places are 100 - 150 km drive away. (the location dot on the map is Kullaberg) The Blekinge pictures were taken by Alex, the Kullaberg pics by someone else from Crux and the Soffabacken pics by me. Enjoy!

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Oct 3, 2004 - Back in Copenhagen-Autumn is coming

Up very early to catch a flight from Stanstead..Ashley and Karin were to get in later in the day. Back to traffic sanity. Lots and lots of bikes. Lots of fit people! I walked around favourite places in the city...accidentally saw the end of teh chaning of the guard as the soldiers marched back along the streets from the palace. (all black uniforms-bearskin hats similar to the English) Also found a little courtyard that AShley and Karin took me to last time and I planned to take others to on our last morning in the city..the day I ended up...

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Aug 19, 2004 - family in Denmark

Day 1. After arrival at Copenhagen airport went by train to Ashley's. The goal: to keep everyone awake until evening so that the impact from change over in zones would be lessened. SO we walked! Some of the walking was to the shopping centre. Good to see what available and not available, how stuff is prepared and compare prices. Ashley asked us to bring vegemite and pink quik as neither available in Denmark. Pumpkin is not sold there either. But first there was the Danish workmen's breakfast, which included a glass of Gammel Dansk. (an...

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Feb 12, 2004 - Discovering Scandinavian roots

Although we landed in Malmo and promptly bussed out of it, we are officially counting Sweden as one of the countries we went to. We saw a beautiful sunrise and the most amazing and potentially expensive bridge in the world. Not only does it connect two of the globes's most advanced nations but it also becomes a tunnel en route to Copenhagen, Denmark. Once in Copenhagen, we quickly donned our gloves and toques (did you know that hardly any Europeans and Antipodeans know what a toque is?) [By the way, an Antipodean refers to those from...

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