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Mar 12, 2012 - Lapland Trip!

Wow I am so not good at keeping this up to date.. Ok so here goes the last month & a half! So the Reccegasque, that was pretty fun, all in Swedish so once again I had no idea what was going on 90% of the time but there was a Finnish guy on one side of me and a Swedish guy on the other so at least they were nice and were translating everything for me/teaching me all the gasque rules I had clearly not clued on to or forgotten from our practice gasque. All the nations had to march to the main building before it and it was freezing!! But they...

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May 14, 2009 - Swedish Lapland

We endure another 12 hours or so of stressful, chaotic and S.L.O.W travel though Norway and finally arrive at the boarder of Sweden. Almost instantly we start to notice the difference in the climate. The mountains turn into softer rolling hills, covered in masses on colossal pine trees. Everything seems calmer here, away from the coast and the extreme weather it attracts. Another hour or so of driving and the roads start to clear of ice and snow. We are overjoyed to see our first reindeer's feeding gracefully on the side of the road. Over...

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Jun 21, 2007 - Home in Vassbo, Mid-Summer Celebration

So we do not have internet out here at Vassbo. This certainly makes it very hard to update the blog.... I will be flying out to London tomorrow and have no place to sleep so hopefully I can find some internet cafe place to do some serious updating. Jonas' family is fantastic and it's really great to see Jody & Cory as well as Diana and all her family. More to come!

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Jun 16, 2007 - Briefly in Vassbo

I am finding on this trip that sleep really isn't a requirement. I, luckily, have not had an issue with jet lag and I seem to sleep very lightly (normally I need 3 separate alarm clocks to get me up). I was a bit anxious to get out to see Diana so I kept waking close to every 60mins. I know this because I had left the majority of my belongings in a locker at the Centralstation which included my alarm clock. The only method left to me for telling time was to take a picture with my camera and then check the time stamp on the photo.... I had a...

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Mar 31, 2007 - An Aussie day out in Fagersta

A little while ago Ian and I were enjoying our Friday night 'cheap-n-cheerful' i.e. pizza after work, when a fellow Aussie at the table next to us heard our accents. This is how we met Chris and Sofie. Chris left Australia many years ago (grew up in Adelaide) and worked in London for a few years - that's where he met Swedish Sofie. They've been living in Fagersta, about an hour north of here (where Sofie grew up) for about six years now, and they invited us to visit - so we did! Fagersta is also part of the lakes district here in Sweden and...

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Mar 10, 2007 - Ski Trip to Sälen

So over the last week or so, Liz and I have been up at Sälen, the closest ski resort area to Stockholm and Västerås. Sälen is actually the name of the village at the bottom of the mountain range (maybe hill range) that you go up for the actual skiing. There are five or so ski resort areas on the mountain, ours having the reputation as the most kid friendly with the most benign skiing experience - called Hundfjället - the Dog Mountain. I don't know if that is any commentary on the quality of the ski slopes or not... but without doubt the...

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Nov 12, 2006 - Scandinavia Trip- First Stop Kiruna, Sweden 10/11-12/11

Population: 25,000 Maximum Temperature Range while we were there: -12 to -6 (obviously much colder at night) Weather: Snowing, and a bit of Rain We left home at 8:50am on Friday to catch a bus and a train to the airport. It was very simple to get to the airport and check-in for our flight to Kiruna, Lapland, so we were off to a good start. The plane left Stockholm at 11:55am and we arrived in Kiruna at 1:30pm where the sun was already beginning to set. The runway was covered in snow and it was -6 when we landed . This is warmer than we...

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Jul 18, 2005 - Huskvarna

Last night as I was writing these last few entries, Andrea pointed out that my writing style has become much more journal-like of late. I pointed out that to non-family (most of you, dear readers), the Sweden portion of this big trip is probably not nearly as interesting as, oh, say, for example, Paris or London. Sweden has become much more of a family vacation—a time to visit with long-unseen relatives and catch up and rest. The term Andrea used was "domestic." Oh, well; we are still enjoying ourselves and are most definitely still...

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Feb 22, 2005 - Kiruna, Sweden

The journey to the Arctic Circle begins! Kelly (England), Yoko (Japan), Jana (Germany), and I would like to share with you our excursion north to Kiruna, Sweden. Kiruna is in the region of Lappland (similar to Kansas in the region of the Midwest), situated in the Arctic Circle. Kiruna was actually the largest land area city in the world until recently a city in Australia claimed the name. Kiruna has many attributes such as the following: a huge mine large enough to drive charter busses thought it for tours. I believe the mine penetrates...

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Feb 20, 2005 - Le Northern light tour ou à la recherche des aurores boréales

Puis après avoir rencontré Nori, un japonais tout gentil, on a rejoint un groupe d'étudiants international: chinois, belges, autraliens, allemands, thaïlandais et français bien sûr!!! pour aller faire du chien de traîneau, du icefishing (normalement), du ski du fond, manger du renne, faire un bon petit sauna, dormir dans une lappish hut et éventuellement voir des aurores boréales!!! Malheureusement, le ciel s'est couvert le soir, on n'a donc pas pu en voir: une prochaine fois! Un petit programme bien sympa tout ça encadré par Henrik et...

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Feb 19, 2005 - Le Grand Nord: Kiruna et l'Ice Hotel

Kiruna est une des villes les plus au nord de la Suède, c'est à dire que c'est après le cercle polaire et ça se situe en Laponie. Les nuits y sont encore un peu plus courte qu'à Linköping et il fait entre -15°C et -25° habituellement mais en ce moment c'est plutôt chaud pour la saison et les rivières commencent déjà à dégeler... D'ailleurs, quand on y était, on devait faire du icefishing mais la glace ayant fondue ça s'est avéré plus compliqué que prévu (en bref on n'a pas pu en faire)! On a donc visité l'Hotel de Glace: très...

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