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Apr 26, 2018 - Off to a good start - part 2

This update includes the photo's which we couldn't upload earlier today due to poor wi-fi. After a lovely welcome dinner with our group of 6, and then finally a full nights sleep. Today, firstly a 4 hour drive to the Wilpattu National Park. We piled into a safari truck, not an easy feat. It was very hot and dusty but worth every bump. Four hours later we could tick of leopards(2), elephant, sloth bear and plenty of other animal and birds. Then another hour to reach Anuradhapurs, and our hotel for the night. Six very tired but happy tourist.

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Jan 3, 2017 - Day 3

Our first safari - an afternoon in Wilpattu NP...no leopards in sight but we saw a sloth bear which by all accounts is pretty rare. The call went out among the drivers & mayhem ensued as a plethora of jeeps converged & jostled for a viewpoint. The bear foraged around next to the road for quite a few minutes, then trotted out onto the road, walked along the line of jeeps and disappeared across back into the jungle on the other side of the road. Very exciting! Here's just a selected few of the many sights we saw...

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Jul 21, 2012 - Sri Lanka - Day 4 - Jeep Safari, Wilpattu National Park

We left at 5:50am, bright and early in our rented jeep for the day. We shared the cost of the jeep with a Holland family of 4 who kindly let us join their tour today. We arrived at the Wilpattu park entrance around 6:45am, paid our entrance fees which were $40 US per person, locals pay a fee of 0.45 cents! The entire process was done by hand, written on paper receipts, we looked around the small museum while waiting for our group to be registered. We did not leave on our tour until 7:20am, a park guide joining us for our tour. Rules are...

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