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Sep 25, 2007 - Valencia and my Birthday!!!

Valencia might have been one of my favorite cities I've visited and totally because of the people. I planned a bit poorly and didn't actually know where my hostel was when I arrived because I'd intended on asking the info booth when I arrived. However the excellent train man in france told me my train would arrive 2 hours earlier than it really did so the info booth was closed when I arrived. Luckily some random guy on the train heard my canadian accent and offered to find my hostel for me. He just called some friends and 15 minutes later I...

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Aug 28, 2007 - Toledo to Valencia

Tuesday 28th August: A lazy day today. We drove to the south of town and had some lunch of Paella as it originated from this region of Spain. We then got on the internet and relaxed for the afternoon. Sheridan got in contact with me and it turns out she was in Valencia that night. We decided to catch up with her as I hadn't seen her since high school back in Gil. Lex and I drove into town and were about to park when we spotted Rads standing on the side of the road. Lex jumped out and I parked the car. Rads was heading to have some dinner...

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Jul 28, 2007 - Return to Valencia

I'd taken a booking for paying guests to stay at the house in Jávea so we headed for Valencia. I'd never really spent more than a day here before so I was looking forward to really getting to know the city. Stayed in a fabulous apartment, close to the central market and Plaza Ayuntamiento (www.livingvalencia.es very reasonably priced and Arancha is very helpful). Valencia is a small city (population of 800,000). It's possible to get to most of the tourist places on foot though the heat and humidity make you take a bus or the metro. The...

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Jul 17, 2007 - Valencia - Land of Oranges?

And the answer to this question is a qualified yes. Spain is certainly the fruit basket of central Europe - as much was always evident when one surveyed the fruit section while living in Sweden. But once you take some time to travel through the countryside, the never ending fruit orchards lead you to the same conclusion. The train trip from Madrid to Valencia was pretty well uneventful, an easy 3.5 hours on a regional Spanish train through some pretty boring countryside, with the aforementioned orchards (and yes, sometimes oranges) being...

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Jul 6, 2007 - Valencia a week to rest

On Sat June 30, we walked the 2 miles in the heat to our Holiday Inn Express. We didn't know it would be so far! After so many nights in so many different types of hotels the familar surroundings were welcoming. The package containing the paperwork for the second half of the trip was waiting for us. Barbara Crampton had her sister overnight it to us... and it worked. Thanks now we can make it home! We unpacked and gathered information on getting to the America's Cup Park. The city bus system is very user friendly and we were soon getting...

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Jun 28, 2007 - Day 22

Met up with Frank, drove around trying to get to the hill above the albaycin to get good photos of the La Alhambra. Nathan drove us right into the backyard of this ancient monastery and we took amazing shots of the La Alhambra. Then we drove off to Valencia. I booked our room by telephone while we were on the road, thanks lonely planet. We got there and as usual got lost because we have no maps of the city. Made our way to the train station to get a free map, tourist office closed so I hit the hire car companies instead :-) It's like Race...

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Trip Journal

España Verano 2007

Jun 22, 2007 - Valencia

Made it! Marti met me at the airport and we made our way back to the apartment near the city that she shares with her landlord, Raquel, and Cesar, who is away at the moment which is a bonus to me because it means I have his room. Tonight I had a bit of a catch up with Marti and then crashed.

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Mar 12, 2007 - Valencia - Home of the 32nd America's Cup 2007

Just a few days in the house before my course starts in Barcelona. Decided to take advantage of the fact that finally I was in Spain at the same time as Las Fallas so off I went to Valencia. From what I could understand, Las Fallas was started by carpenters who had a big bonfire burning their left over wood to mark the end of the winter and the arrival of spring. The event has evolved into a 5 day festival of eating, drinking, watching fireworks, admiring the fantastic papier mâché caricatures and generally have a jolly good time. I went...

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Feb 8, 2007 - Valencia, Spain

The picture postcard Spain of festivals, color and fireworks was glaringly absent during our 3 nights in Valencia. But to visit a city, whose claims lie around it's March festival and the fact that the sun apparently shines 300 days of the year, when the festival is not on and the sun decides to be shy is almost akin to visiting a snowfield in summer....there's stuff to do but it's just filling time. So as I've surprisingly done throughout this whole trip (as some close to me would sometimes view me as a glass half empty person), I'm...

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Nov 25, 2006 - Welcome to Valencia, Spain

Greetings all, BEN Well, we made it to Valencia after a long night of flying. Started from Ottawa to Philadelphia, then from Phily to Madrid, and finally from Madrid to Valencia, Spain. We left Ottawa at 5:30 p.m. Eastern and arrived in Valencia at about 9:00 a.m. Eastern (3:00 p.m local). We were both pretty zonked but still managed to go for a nice walking tour before hitting the hay for a 3 hr nap. The excitement of the day was our cab driver from the airport who pretended to not know where he was going and seemed to be running up the...

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Jul 31, 2006 - Valencia

Hola, Well were in Valencia now, home of the America's cup for 2008. We arrived in the early afternoon and Spain is big on their seistas so there wasn't a lot for us to do on our first day. One of the guys Ollie that was on our busabout was in our room so we befriended him and to our joy he has the same crazy personality as us when we start to go delarious from lack of sleep. On our second day we went to the markets where there are thousands of stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. The smell was pretty rank at first but the...

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Jul 22, 2006 - Valencia

Although only a short drive to Valencia, we had an early start as we only planned one day in the city. Spain is meant to be relatively cheap compared to the rest of Europe; maybe once upon a time, but boy have they certainly caught up with the Euro! Diesel was easily the cheapest on our trip so far, but when it comes to campgrounds... This particular campground was easily one of the dearest, the campground had all sorts of things that are not necessary but if you stay there you have no option but to pay the price - a zoo, horse shows,...

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