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Nov 5, 2018 - The City of Arts & Sciences

Beyond what could be deemed a park, nine kilometers of the former riverbed of the River Turia in Valencia has been turned in to an architectural masterpiece featuring science, culture and recreation facilities. The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum operates under the philosophy of "Not touching is prohibited." It is full of interactive exhibitions about science and technology. Which, while These fun activities and problem-solving challenges, while targeted to children, were a gas for grown-ups too. The Oceanogràfic is Europe's biggest...

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Nov 4, 2018 - The Fallas Festival - A City on Fire

One upon a time I fancied myself a papier mache artist. In fact, I still have some pre-made forms in my basement so I can build again when the creative mood strikes. I am thoroughly humbled by the amazing artists of Valencia’s annual Falles (torch) Festival. Their papier mache creations are larger than life, incredibly ornate and exquisitely painted. For five days each March Valencians party through the Fallas Festival with street dances, parades, fireworks and bonfires. It sounds crazy! These spring bonfire celebrations date back to pagan...

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Nov 3, 2018 - Valencia Marina Festival

Although I am an avid user of the Lonely Planet and other guidebooks I find them rather limited. So, I always search online for “This week in...” That is how I learned that the Valencia Boat Show was underway, so we set off to explore how the one per cent live. For just 3€ each we had fun browsing the trade show and ogling the beautiful vessels in the marina. It was soon clear that only serious sales prospects would be escorted on to the yachts that most interested us. As neither Duncan nor I felt confident we’d be successful at...

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Oct 20, 2018 - Valencia

Valencia seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex as it views the more famous Spanish cities around it getting more attention. This makes it a great place to live. Housing is somewhat cheaper and tourism is at the stage where it is appreciated, rather than overrunning the place. With 330 days of sunshine a year (today was not one of them) and a mild winter climate, I can imagine Northern Europeans enjoying a lengthy winter stay here. A Gran Prix race tracks runs through the city and the track includes the area we walked in the port...

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Jun 17, 2017 - Moors and Christians

One of the Spanish festivals that Paul and I have never witnessed is that of the 'Moors and Christians'. All the months we have spent in Spain in recent years and we've never been here at the right time. Well this year it was the right time. The festival was held on the beach in the beautiful town of Moraira. First, here is a little background history on the 'Moors and Christians'. The Moors are a mixture of peoples from North Africa. They invaded the Iberian Peninsula (now known as Spain and Portugal) in 711AD and within a few years ruled...

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Jun 8, 2017 - Tina complete with Baby Bump

Hi Everyone Paul and I are getting very excited about seeing Tina, our daughter. She has arrived in Valencia, Spain, for a works conference but before flying off she will be joining us in Benidorm for a few days. It will be the first time we will have seen her with her baby bump. Now back to what has been happening. The weather is getting warmer, high 20's to low 30 deg c most days with bright blue skies and the odd white, fluffy cloud passing over head. We are camped on a slight rise so we get a gentle breeze blowing through making things...

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May 2, 2017 - Procession of Our Lady of Hope and Peace

Hi Everyone After weeks of bright blue, cloudless skies we have woken to grey clouds wreathing the tops of the hills and mountains surrounding us. Edges of the clouds are a deep grey, the wind is blowing with a cold chill so we may be in for some rain! Now back to Easter. On Good Friday we had dinner out at the mussel restaurant that is hidden away in the Old Town with friends Bette and Andy. After eating plates of steamed mussels and mussels covered in a yummy cheese sauce we went hunting for a spot to watch the religious Easter parade. We...

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Apr 26, 2017 - Peniscola to Valencia

Our morning trip is from Barcelona to Peniscola. On the way we do a photo stop to see an aqueduct from the Roman period near Tarragona built about 2000 years ago.Tarragona was the capital of the Roman Empire in Iberia and was the second city built by the Romans. In Peniscola we visit the beach area, see views of the castle and have lunch. The castle was for Pope Gregorius in the 1300's. Apparently when the Pope left Rome for France, several areas in Spain designated their own pope, one of which was Gregorious.Many castles in this area are...

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Trip Journal


Apr 12, 2017 - Farewell to our friends

Hi Everyone Spring has sprung and now summer is on its way here in sunny Benidorm. Any spare piece of ground is covered with the bright faces of yellow and white daisies and in amongst the colour of sunshine, pillar box red poppies wave their soft petals in the gently breeze. In a tree outside of our van are two collared doves. Mrs Dove is leading Mr Dove a merry chase. One minute she is keen for his attentions and the next she's flapping and pecking, telling Mr Dove to move out of her personal space! We have been enjoying the continuous...

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Mar 22, 2017 - A sea of green for St Patrick's Day

Hi Everyone I’ve had a very busy few weeks, not too sure how active Paul has been though! It all started with a lovely lady on our camp site, called Joy, holding Afternoon Tea for a Cancer Charity. On a sunny day, under the gazebo in front of her caravan, six of us ladies enjoyed a glass of pink champagne before our little pinkies were extended for drinking tea from dainty bone china cups. We nibbled on delicious finger sandwiches, then scones smeared with jam and a great dollop of fresh cream before eating our way through a tiered plate of...

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Mar 3, 2017 - Benidorm, we have arrived!

Hi Everyone Well we made it, we have arrived in a not so sunny Benidorm. They have had a horrible winter here with torrential rain, buffeting winds and hail storms. Awnings have been ripped apart, windows smashed and leaks have sprung in caravans and motorhomes due to the horrendous weather. According to the long term weather report the sun is set to make an appearance this week. I am certainly looking forward to that as my legs have been encased in jeans for over 3 months and are looking very pasty and need to see the sun. Before we left...

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Nov 24, 2016 - Walk in the hills behind Crevillente

Having been in a campground with all the trees we discovered that the car roof had resin drip all over it. It took us all day to get the resin off. The best thing was WD40. It was a good day so we decided we would head into the hills behind Crevillente. After taking a number different roads we eventually found the start of the walk. The walk took us around an area of ravines, Badlands, and orange, figs and lemon orchards and water reservoirs. It was an interesting walk but not easy to follow.

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