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Oct 7, 2004 - Travel to San Sebastian, Spain

Today we woke up early to travel to San Sebastian. We went to the Barcelona airport (a very nice and clean airport) and took an hour-long flight to Bilbao. Then we caught a bus to San Sebastian, which was about an hour away. The change in scenery was quite dramatic, going from the big, bustling city of Barcelona to the green, hilly, ocean-side town of San Sebastian. San Sebastian is beautiful, very peaceful and relaxing. We are all excited to have a few mellow days by the beach. We checked into our hotel, which is right on the beach. Derek...

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Jul 26, 2004 - San Sebastian

Got in this morning and ended up getting a room from one of the Ladies who solicit rooms at the train station. We are staying in an apartment in our own room, there are several other people sharing the apartment along with the lady who owns it. Not bad and the price is right. We looked around for other places but everything is booked due to the San Sebastian Jazz festival thats going on here now. Hiked up to the Castle today and got a view of all San Sebastian and its famous cresent beach. Went to the ´Surfer´ beach with is different than...

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Jul 19, 2004 - Estoy en San Sebastian y estoy muy cansado!

What a wonderful experience to see The Tour De France in person! I am very tired after a long weekend of very little sleep and no shower, other then the shower from nature I was blessed with on Friday afternoon, and a dip in the cold river streams of the mountains on Saturday. It was all worth it to see The Tour! I spoiled myself with a relatively nice hotel room last night, a long shower, and probably the best night's rest I have ever had. I am still feeling very lazy today, but had many things to take care of. I found an apartment here in...

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Jul 7, 2004 - Roadtrip to Spain

Spain was awesome. We rented another van and drove 15 hours to Zurautz, Spain. It's a coastal city that is very nice. The weather was nice too. It was about 70 degrees the whole time. It rained a little bit too while we were there. On Friday, July 8th, we drove about an hour and a half to Pomplona, Spain to run with the bulls. It was crazy there. There were so many people and everyone there was having a great time. Running with the bulls was definitely scary to say the least. Even though I never saw a bull during the run, the intensity of...

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Jun 25, 2004 - San Sebastian, Espana

San Sebastian is the greatest place on earth! Please deduct about 20 percent for embelishment. but this place is amazing. We took an overnight train from Paris and met up with two really cool cats from Canada (yes...it is possible, just joke, there great!) So we arrived bleary eyed and delirious...Nick, Joss, Mike, Bryan and myself and stumbled off the train after a mediocre nights sleep with a strange french man sawing logs in the bunk next to me. Its a very strange feeling to sleep sideways, moving at 180 some odd miles/hour and then put...

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