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Aug 27, 2015 - Day 7 Madrid

We headed off early to negotiate the Metro and check our route for catching the train. We also had to book our reservations for the train to Valencia tomorrow. It was a beautiful, cool morning however the walk up the hill from the unit was still a bit strenuous. We sussed out where we had to change lines and had an easy trip to the train station and booked the tickets without any drama. It was then off to catch the Hop on/off bus. We had time to kill so stopped at the Golden Arches (free wifi) and had a coffee and croissant while I did a...

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Aug 26, 2015 - Day 6 Barcelona to Madrid

It's time to say goodbye to our little apartment (and those six flights of stairs). A bit sad about the apartment, not sad about the stairs. We are off to Madrid today on the high speed train. We packed, tidied the unit and clambered down the stairs lumping our bags. We'd decided to catch a taxi to Barcelona Sants, the train station to save the metro journey and decided there wouldn't be much difference in the cost as it's not that far. We arrived with plenty of time up our sleeves so had a coffee and roll for breakfast before heading for...

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Aug 9, 2015 - Day Twenty Seven: Madrid

Our walking tour started at 10:00am so we set an alarm for 8:30am so we'd have enough time for breakfast and to find the exact meeting point for the walking tour. Besides eating at the same cafe as yesterday our options were limited and we settled for a McDonald's breakfast. It was lucky we gave ourselves enough time as we didn't find the exact meeting point yesterday and it gave us time to find it. We found the meeting point and the group easily. For our last free walking tour our guide was Erik. He was half German, half American and was...

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Aug 8, 2015 - Day Twenty Six: Valencia to Madrid

Even though we'd gone to bed much later than we'd expected last night we still got up early because we wanted to go to the markets. We'd found the markets on our first day in Valencia, but they are only open 7:00am till 3:00pm so by the time we'd found them they were closed. We set our alarm for 7:10am so we were up and ready to go by 7:30am. As you can see we had high expectations for the markets. We thought that 1. It would be on the same size scale as the ones in Barcelona and 2. It would have a variety of shops, as that's what the guy...

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Jun 8, 2015 - Madrid with the Girls/First Day

So my Madrid trip with the girls has come to a close and I have now met my host family. The city break with Emma, Gill and Ainsley was great but it completely flew in! However, I'm pleased to have met my lovely host family and am beginning to settle in. Going back to last Thursday - the flight over was fine and I managed to stay pretty calm on the plane despite disliking flying! I tried to sleep but bunch of rowdy guys on a boozy weekend kept me awake with their singing. They were pretty funny though so I didn’t mind too much. When I...

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May 12, 2015 - Telefionca

hey everyone its Georgia again here is my diary of the Telefionca: Day 86 12/05/15: today we caught the metro to the telefionca. It is a gondola that goes over the top of Madrid. At first we couldn't find it but we find another beautiful rose garden. It was better than the first one and it had a New Zealand flower. I think that granddad may have had it in his garden. When we had found the telefionca the view was amazing. Madrid has a big park in between the two sides. We found a huge playground and had lunch. Me and Ollie took some amazing...

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May 11, 2015 - Flamenco in Madrid

hi everyone Georgia I thought the dancing was quite different to what I thought it would be a lot more like tap dancing.it was extremely hot that day and we didn't end up going to bed until midnight again we are definetly living the Spanish ways. Here's what Tomo thought of the day. Tomo's dairy: 11/5/15 Today we went to a nice house but we did not go in. Then we made sharp leaves. Then we went to a big shop. There were some cool toys. Then we went for lunch and had a lovely pizza. We went flamenco dancing. I liked the black man.

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May 10, 2015 - Basketball in Madrid

We are staying right next to the basketball stadium so it would be rude not to go to a game especially as Mardrid is top of the table. Ollies recount of the day Today it was Mothers Day - For Mothers Day we went to a basketball game it was Madrid vs Andorra the other team was good but Madrid just scored in the last second it was a close game. Then we went to the park. At the park we played soccer, handball, rugby and elastics. After that we had fourises.

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May 8, 2015 - Bull fighting in Madrid

What to do in Spain A bull fight was on the list of things to do - Mark and I were not sure if the kids would last the whole 6 fights but they seem to get into it more as it went on. Both Tomo and Ollie decided to play bull fighting as we walked home so I think they enjoyed the experience. Madrid is certainly a lovely place with a wealth of money and it seems very safe. It was 9.30pm at night as we walked home from the fight and it was 25c - yah Here is Ollies recount of the day. Today we went to a park called Parquedel Buen Retiro. It had...

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May 7, 2015 - Madrid

Today we farewelled San Sebastian and decided that it would be a great idea to spend nearly 5hrs in the car and travel to Madrid - it was worth it - the temperature here is 27c oh sooo good. Not so good though as Rover does not have air conditioning- still we pushed thru and went thru Burgos - a town where my mum stayed nearly 50 years ago. Tonight we will put our heads down in Madrid in a fantastic apartment that Mark found - We have been lucky to find accommodation - staying in central Madrid for only $120 a night for 5 people - Thank...

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Mar 14, 2015 - To Madrid and then towards the USA

Up early, quick breakfast and a kiss on each cheek for Mercedes - and we (Steve, Maria and I) were off in the taxi headed to the San Fernando train station to catch the 9:47 train to Madrid. We all napped a little on the train - a quick 4 hours later we were pulling into the Madrid train station (which is bigger than many airports I have been in!). Then through the crowd we went to find a taxi with enough space for the three of us and all our luggage - there were at least 75 cabs parked 4 rows deep outside the train station - we eyed them...

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Trip Journal

Spain - March 2015

Jan 16, 2015 - Going home

I'm finishing up a 12 hour nap in a nondescript hotel near the Madrid airport. I abandoned the Camino attempt as beyond my present capacity. There was no last straw, just a growing realization that it was time to surrender, as it were. I'm flying home this afternoon, starting with 11 hours in the air from Madrid to Dallas. I cried a bit when the train left Logrono. I'd walked so many preparatory sessions, geared up, and did my research. Deciding not to continue reminded me of my climbing days: sometimes the need for turning back was...

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