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Jun 23, 2004 - madrid

ok madrid is great...its hotter than all get out here tho...im heading for the beaches...might camp there, if things work out well. Im headed to lagos, portugal, which im very lucky that i got the reservations beacuse lisbon and all of portugal is going off right now because of euro 2004...did you see italy win last night...holy crap that was great. then after that i think i will go to sevilla and grenada then up to pamplona...for the bulls. then after to italy...im totally not sticking to my itinerary, just going with the flow. every...

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Jun 20, 2004 - Phase II of the trip begins...Of to Madrid, and Europe on Sunday

I am hangin out in Buenos Aires at the moment working on my "Castillano" language transistion from Argentina to the Spanish of Spain. I am spending a portion of every day at a fantastic sports bar called "Locos por el Futbol", watching the European Cup in eager anticipation of heading over to Europe on Sunday June 20th. The city of Buenos Aires really does create a feeling of being in Europe, and I can understand now why it is viewed as such. I have met many people from all over the world here and made many new friends from Europe watching...

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Jun 18, 2004 - Toledo to Madrid.

We then headed up to Madrid and got to the capital of Spain around mid-afternoon. We got settled in and then went to the Puerto del Sol to find some food. We went to the Plaza Mayor and found a place outside but the food was a little overpriced and we ended up paying 26 Euro for 5 drinks and bread. I mean who charges for bread when you don't even ask for it... not to mention it was hard as a rock. We ended up eating at the BK Lounge (aka Burger King) before heading back disappointed in the Spanish Cuisine in the area.

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Jun 17, 2004 - Madrid

I wrote this in my e-mail Journal: A long train journey and then Madrid. I stayed four days in Madrid and had a really good time. I think my most abiding memory is of the of the Prado especilly Goya and Velazquez and really especially Goya's "events of May 2nd and 3rd" which record the rising in Madrid against the french occupation and the subsequent reprisals. As I looked at these paintings I realised that Spain is a country forged in blood and fire from the muslim invasions, through the reconquista, spanish succession, peninsular war and...

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May 29, 2004 - Ole International Hostel, Madrid, Spain

We´ve made it to Spain!! Yay and it´s warm! It´s so surreal that we are actually in Madrid, Spain. We fell asleep on the train somewhere in France and woke up in Spain! I didn´t sleep all that well, and woke up early, but it was worth it. When I woke up it was still early and I stepped outside the hot compartment and there was the Spanish countryside spread out before me. It was incredible. I stood there and watched the green hills and farmland pass by. Once in a great while there was a stone house with bright green shutters and the laundry...

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