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May 15, 2016 - Day 23: Madrid in a day

I really liked Madrid. Really nice city. Very small. Totally possible to see the whole city in a day. We walked and walked and walked! The most we have during this whole trip. It started raining in the afternoon out of nowhere and we were relieved rather than annoyed because we took shelter in a McDonald's and gave our feet chance to relax. The only negative was that we took too long of a break and by the time we got to Thyssen museum they were about to close. I had their opening time incorrect. Totally disappointed. Next time for sure! By...

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May 14, 2016 - Day 22: Time for Spanglish

Today was our flight to Madrid. We got a travel advisory from Rynair to get to the airport 3 hours early because of security checks at the Morocco airports. We had an early breakfast and left for the airport. We were running low on euros again so decided not to accept airport transfer from the Riad and take a small taxi instead. Now that was an experience in itself! We got the taxi right away off our street but there were already 3 people in the car. The driver but both Mahwish and I in the front passenger seat! 𯘂𯘂𯘂 Airport was...

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May 7, 2016 - Madrid

5/7 Today we struck out for the first time. The semi private tour of Madrid was a total ripoff. We did see a park and a bullfighting ring, but could've taken a cab for a lot less euros and would've learned as much just walking on our own given the relatively little information imparted by our guide. On our own, we walked the San Miguel Market. This is an indoor market that houses small eatery counters that sell all kinds of tapas that you buy individually and either eat while standing or at small tabletops if you can find one. It was full...

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May 6, 2016 - Madrid

5/6 Today we toured another palace. The Palacio Nacional, like all palaces, is immense with 2800 rooms. I guess all royalty needs their space! The dining room had a table that served 144 guests. It rivals the dining table in Napoleon's Quarters in the Louvre. Paintings and frescos adorn the walls and ceilings. Different than the other palaces we've seen, this palace was lived in fairly recently and the portrait of the royal family wearing contemporary clothing is quite a contrast to the portraits of kings and queens from previous centuries....

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May 5, 2016 - Madrid

Today we arrived in Madrid, Spain and checked into our hotel. We were very pleased to find that our first destination, the Prado Museum, was only a couple blocks away and within walking distance. We have been setting records for walking every day as we traversed cities and now include the airport walk. Kudos to Julie who has thrown away the wheelchair and actually walks through the airport now. The Prado Museum is tremendous. It houses over 3,000 works of art ranging from paintings to sculptures. They vary in size with some of them covering...

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Oct 12, 2015 - Spain's National Day parade

Today was Spain's National Day, a public holiday with a big military parade held in Madrid. It is a colourful pagaent with many different contingents including the Spanish Foreign Legion which had a goat for a mascot. They have a funny fast march and are very popular with the crowds. There were horsemen with uniforms from the Napoleanic times and representations from the navy, paratroopers, army, military police and air force. King Filipe VI headed the motorcade with his family waving to the people lining the streets. It was quite impressive.

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Oct 11, 2015 - Madrid and back home

Madrid and back home 10/11/2015 Our Lisbon to Madrid tickets on TAP (Portugal Airlines) were amazingly only $38 per person. However, when we checked in, the seating assignment said, “Stand-by!” The flight was not full and we did get seats. It’s only an hour from Lisbon to Madrid but the luggage took at least 45 minutes to come to us on a dinky belt. Of course, ours was last. It was still light (Spain is 1 hour later than Portugal) as our taxi brought us to our very modern Hotel URBAN. The restaurant was booked for that Saturday night, but...

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Oct 11, 2015 - Madrid - our apartment

Our Madrid apartment is in a central location right next door to Museum Sopia and a short walk to Prado Museum and Retiro Park. The Metro is right outside the building and the main Madrid train station is across the street. Yesterday we experienced the AVE (Spain's fast speed train) when we travelled to Toledo the previous capital of Spain. Toledo is 70km south of Madrid and the trip took 30 minutes. The service is very efficient with pre-booked seating and it was a pleasant way to travel. The apartment is well equipped with a full kitchen...

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Sep 20, 2015 - Traveling to Spain

We are off on another adventure. Our plane left Rochester at noon on Sunday, Sept. 20 and we had a many hour layover in Atlanta. The transatlantic flight left Atlanta slightly delayed, but we arrived early on Monday, Sept. 21. There is a 6 hour time difference between Eastern US time and Madrid. Our next leg of the trip was by high speed (150mph+) train from Madrid to Cordoba which is south of Madrid. We traveled in luxury and were served a fine lunch. At last we came to our hotel via taxi. So we did the "Planes. Trains, and Automobiles"...

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Sep 11, 2015 - Last night in Madrid

We returned to Madrid from Toledo for dinner. We went to the same restaurant where we had so enjoyed our lunch on the day before, Café Varela at Hotel Precedes. The staff was just as nice and could be and the dinner was wonderful. Tomorrow......... Seville (Seville)

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Sep 9, 2015 - Dinner with a high school friend

Right before we left Tom reached out to Bill Latch an old high school acquaintance that lives close to Madrid and let him know we were coming to Spain. Bill was very happy to know this and said we should try to connect. As we got closer to visiting Madrid Bill made reservations at a restaurant locals love. Side note: We had the address of the restaurant (less than a mile and a half from out Hotel) when we got in the cab and gave the address AND the name of the Restaurant "Pimento Verde" the drive pulls the another address for the same...

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Sep 8, 2015 - Made it to Madrid

The train brought us smoothly and effortlessly to Madrid. The weather for cast was showing a strong chance of rain and high temperatures (24 Celsius..I am on vacation and do not care to spend time on the conversion, let's just say it was very hot. The biggest problem and we got over it quickly) was that there was really not proper signage to lead us to the taxi stands. We kind of wanded around looking for an exit and transportation. We exited at the first chance and saw two cabs (which we thought odd for such a big train station) we went...

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