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Jul 9, 2007 - Love Logrono - our favourite destination so far (although Paros could still be on par)

Ok. Logrono (or Logrrrrrrno as the locals tend to prounounce it) gets the gong as being the best place we have visited so far on our travels. We arrived here on an old and decrepit train, so old in fact I was waiting for a little train engineer in blue striped overalls and peak hat to appear and ask for fit young male volunteers to stoke the engine with coal.... But seriously, Spain has reputation for having the worst train infrastructure and so far this is totally correct. Barcelona to Logrono is about 420kms and the trip took 7 hours,...

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Jun 1, 2007 - Calahorra, Spain

La Rioja is divide into the upper, middle and lower areas and we stayed in the lower Rioja in the town of Calahorra (the upper Rioja near Hara would be a better location but there wasn't a Parador available there). Calahorra is a much larger, more modern town than Olite, not as pretty but it did have a nice treed pedestrian boulevard lined with shops and restaurants. The people are much friendlier here. We went for a nice run around a nearby lake and then drove to the Upper Rioja to a small town called Brioles where we visited a Bodega...

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Jun 6, 2006 - Logrono June 6.

OK Its hot its darned hot and getting hotter. I've tried to think positive but its getting a bit dificult. Still didn't manage a start till 7. The weather was pleasantly warm at 7.30 so I ran walked 12k in 1hr 20mins. Went to a farmers market and then coffee and bought bread and cheese for lunch. I went on getting slower till stopped for lunch in a small town Torros something. I decided to buy a bottle of wine (cold red of course). I sat outside and shared it with an irishman and an american woman. I have forgotten to report on the quality...

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May 21, 2006 - Los Arcos to Logroño (Day 7 Easy peasy for me, hard slog for Aunt B)

I had a rest day. Took the bus from Los Arcos to Logroño while Aunt B went for a walk. She did 28km all by her wee self and I think that she didn't enjoy being on her own too much. She tells me that she was muttering to herself near the end of the walk, not a terribly good sign. We treated ourselves by staying in a Hostal. In Spain a hostal is actually a hotel not a hostel for travellers. Swanky indeed. Had our own bathroom and gasp a television. Watched Nikita and a bit of the Thornbirds. Had no clue what was being said but it was telly....

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