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Aug 23, 2015 - a Haircut in the White Isle

It was time – you know that time, when you have gone past a haircut being a good idea to being a necessity...i took a walk across town to see if the hairdresser that I used last year was still in residence. Yes, they were and overwhelmingly ecstatic to see me!!!! Not much passing traffic I am assuming or they all sniff the colour solutions after dark. They could fit me in as last appointment of the day at 830pm. Danny is Italian and comes from Turin in the mountains in the North of Italy and has fetched up on the shores of Ibiza and seems...

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Oct 26, 2014 - Les Salines

Today was a day not unlike all the others here in Ibiza – I left the boat early to get ahead of the heat of the day and as the sun poked its head above the horizon the chill from the cooler evening washed across the deserted concrete apron and sped me on my way along the cobblestones. I was going for a different destination today but found myself lost among the convoluted back streets of town where the one way street system appeared to have a mind of its own and if you hesitate you are lost or run over by locals who don’t pay any heed to...

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Oct 19, 2014 - Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

Now the guests have slowed down their rate of descent upon Pumpkin, we are getting some time over the weekends to do our own thing when not on watch that it. I took the opportunity to walk around town here in Ibiza and today I took the full ride on my push bike that had mild interference from a flat tyre last time I took it out of the hole for a spin. I really don’t think that after 6 months of no action it should find the only piece of fine metal thread on the road 10k’s from home boat and be attracted to it! I took a walk around town here...

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Jul 31, 2014 - Finding Stamps in Ibiza

We had a rare day off the other day and I took the opportunity to pick up a few postcards which abound here in Ibiza. That was the easy part- well almost easy anyway, once you hunt down the person selling them that is, among all the towels with the imprinted Ibiza skink and fluff and bother touristy items. Once written, I then had to locate stamps – so I set off with great intentions of a fast run off the boat to pick up some stamps and post the cards. I figured the fastest and easiest way would be to head straight to the Post office or...

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Jul 17, 2013 - Ibiza - Days 3, 4, 5

Ibiza in a nutshell: PARTY, BEACH, GIRLS, CLUBS, PARTY, DRINKS I did end up getting lost in the market there looking for Gian. Ended up passing the same store 3 times and that was the store Gian happened to be in. My luck. While in Ibiza, none of you probably know who any of these artists are but we ended up seeing: Hard Rock Sofa, Gareth Emery, Sidney Samson Benny Benassi, Avicii Nervo, Nicky Romero, David Guetta (3 different nights)

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Jul 14, 2013 - Ibiza - Days 1 and 2

It's paradise here!!!! Sunny, beaches, warm whether, parties, drinking, etc... Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world. When we arrived it was pretty late at night so we walked around a little bit then decided to call it a night, a long day at the airport in Madrid. After getting back to the room we couldnt really fall asleep so we decided to go to a club on our first night here. The club was alright but not what we were expecting from Ibiza, pretty dead inside. We stayed for a couple hours then decided to actually call it a night...

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Sep 17, 2012 - IBIZA!

Made it back from Ibiza in one piece, and can absolutely say I had the time of my life! My dad read about Ibiza in rolling stone so he knows what its famous for but ill do my best to describe it! Basically all the really famous disco tech djs from europe play there once a week, like tiesto, calvin harris, paul van dyke, swedish house mafia, and many more! I know most of you wont recognize any of those names but for my generation, in the last five years, they have become crazy popular! To go to one of their shows in the US where they tour...

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May 16, 2012 - Formentera to Portinatx on NW coast of Ibiza

Set off mid-morning for the north of Ibiza, planning to sail across to Mallorca on Thursday as the wind is going to be in the right direction and the right strength for about the only day this week. Just after noon we passed the beached ferry again and finally completed the circuit of Formentera that we’d started on Sunday! We passed Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia going between a wicked set of rocks and Isla Santa Eulalia and then rounding the north-east corner of Ibiza at about 15:00. We’d planned to anchor in a little bay with unusual rock...

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May 10, 2012 - Anchorages on west coast of Ibiza

10 May: In the evening we set off round the north-east corner of Ibiza, going through a passage between Isla Conejera and Isla Bosque. The plotter chart showed it as dry land but the pilot guide book said there was a minimum depth of 3.5m water at the shallowest point. It got down to 3m below the hulls but thankfully the pilot was correct and we got safely through and anchored in Cala Tarida off the west coast. 11 May: Jane’s birthday. We spent the day lazing around and swimming in the clear turquoise sea, although the jelly fish that...

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May 9, 2012 - Around San Antonio, Ibiza

We woke to fantastic views in our little bay although we were rather closer to shore than we would have been had we anchored in daylight! We walked up to the lighthouse from which you get a great vista across the westernmost islets of the Balearics, Isla Vedra and across the bay to San Antonio. Isla Conejera’s claim to fame is as the birthplace of Hannibal and for its green lizards! It’s so nice to see trees growing after the barren coastline of Spain – here there are lots of misshapen juniper trees. The only company we had all day at our...

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May 8, 2012 - Calpe to the Balearics

We had a fantastic crossing – the wind was consistent at about 15 or 16 knots from the south so we were on a broad reach which is the best point of sail for Whimbrel. We caught our first sight of the Balearics at about 17:30 and then had both the mainland and the islands in view. Apart from avoiding a few tankers in the shipping lane it was an uneventful sail and we had a beautiful sunset with the coast of Spain backlit by the orange sky. We originally estimated that we’d arrive at about 3am but because the wind was so consistent, we got...

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Oct 4, 2011 - Ibiza, Islas Baleares-Spain

Tuesday 4th October 2011 Weather:-24degrees/Sunny Ibiza, Spain We docked at 12:30am last night and quite a few of the young ones went of ship to ‘party on’ and they came back in the early hours of this morning. The cabin stewards must know who comes in late because they put ‘do not disturb signs’ on their doors. These signs are not left in the cabins so they must be put up by the personnel. On their reverse side is a sign that reads ‘please make up my room’ to be turned around by the nightly revellers when they emerge from their cabins....

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