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Jul 23, 2005 - Valencia, Spain

The next day Eva and I decided to go see the old city center. It is small, but filled with traditional Spanish architecture, large plazas, and fountains. It was pretty cool, but nothing extraordinary. We also passed by the Valencia bullring, so we went inside and looked around. There was a bullfight later that day, but we didn't get tickets. I don't like bullfighting and usually cheer for the bull when I see it on TV, but I don't think the crowd would like that too well. A large dried up river runs through the center of the city, and they...

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Sep 10, 2004 - Tarragona

Hi All we arrived in Tarragona on Friday afternoon and managed to score a great room on a square in the old town at off-season prices so the weekend started off well. Tarragona was a provincial capital during the Roman occupation of Spain starting in the 2nd centuryBC so it is full of Roman ruins and enormous city walls that have been standing for over 2000 years. We went to see the amphitheatre where they burned Christians and had gladitorial fights between man and animal on our first evening. Its right on the coast so the views from the...

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