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May 25, 2015 - Carrion - Sahagun

41km - 9h NOTES: - les temps inclus les breaks - duration is in elapsed time including breaks Ca y est je l'ai fait! c'est la plus longue étape en km que j'avais sélectionné pour rattraper l'arrêt d'un jour supplémentaire à Los Arcos. Mais j'étais très inquiet car je n'avais jamais fait de toute ma vie une telle distance à pied sur une journée. Non je n'ai jamais été tenté par le marathon! Cela m'a valu d'ailleurs une nuit agitée. Finalement c'était une marche facile dans un relief légèrement valoné. J'ai accompagné pendant environ 3km une...

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Sep 14, 2014 - Stage 16. Fromista to Sahagun. 67km. 14 Sep 2014

Stage 16 Fromista to Sahagun 67k. 14 September 2014 Dinner - Fromista Dinner at the San Martin Hotel Macaroni & tomato Mixed salad Trout in a vinaigrette sauce with frites Crumbed chicken with patatas Ice cream  1 bottle of wine Price 10e pp Breakfast - Fromista Tortilla Croissant coffee Price  4.9 The weather 9 to 16 (morning) then 25 (possibility of thunderstorms) The ride - straight & boring Today's aim was to do the kilometres. We went thru the spooky town of Carrion looking for coffee, but there was nothing to be seen there even though...

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Apr 21, 2014 - Sahagun

A word first on the hoods worn in some of the Samana Santa celebrations. In Spain, religious brotherhoods (hermandad), which may contain men and women, celebrate Easter with processions which wend their way from the home church to various other places through towns and cities. The members of the brotherhoods dress in medieval penitents’ robes; in Burgos made of rich satin of rainbow hues. On some occasions the penitents wear hoods to cover their face as part of the medieval ritual. The hoods are called capirotes, perhaps derived from Latin...

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Apr 20, 2014 - Moratinos to Sagahun - the mud way

While we were in Moratinos it poured buckets with thunder and lightening. Our beautiful little room had a huge view onto the plains and we watched the fireworks as the sun set. The next day the 10km walk into Sahagun was interesting! It was really quite fun - everyone playing in the mud. I walked a half hour or so before Pat Henderson as she wanted another coffee and I was anxious to get into Sahagun to see the procession.

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Oct 1, 2013 - Halfway

Yesterday, as I crossed the rio cueza, I crossed the halfway point in my camino. At dinner last night, the little group I have been traveling with noted that we are now closer to Santiago than to St. Jean, where most of us began. But there was more a pensive mood around the table than a celebratory one. Since we began, the road has substantially reduced our numbers. Lovely people, seemingly fit and enthusiastic, began to drop out surprisingly early due to injuries and a collapse of motivation. And now, the poor weather and illness is taking...

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