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May 19, 2015 - Grañon - Belorado

17km - 3h30 Hier je pensais avoir eu une bonne idée en sortant du flux des pèlerins remplissant les albergues citadines. Je suis parti dans cette charmante Albergue "juvenile de Carrasquedo"  excentrée à 1,5km de Grañon, dans la campagne. 17€ pour le dîner,  coucher et petit déjeuner. Le problème est que parce qu'elle n'est pas en ville, elle n'attire pas les pelerins mais plutôt les touristes. Je suis donc revenu dans une ambiance touristique déprimante : repas seul à ma table, partage de la chambre avec un couple de touristes qui sont...

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Apr 11, 2014 - Santo Domingo de Calzado to Belorado

Nothing very exciting to report today except the stork towers outside Santo Domingo de Calzada. We saw the first one and then saw 6 or 7 of them along the river. Storks were nesting and flying about gathering twigs. We've now moved from the Province of La Rioja to Castilla y Leon in Spain and will be here for some time. Although the weather was cool, I changed to shirtsleeves and shorts – much to the amusement of many pilgrims who now believe Canadians must be able to tolerate cooler weather. Most were walking in fleece, jacket and long...

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Apr 11, 2014 - Belarado

Pat Henderson's back to normal. Wanted to go for dinner. Here's some photos from the Albergue where we had a fantastic meal and a copy of the menu. The food was delicious here - even the merluta (hake) which I ate a lot on the last pilgrimage but never as good as this.

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Jun 6, 2010 - Blah blah blah

Day 10: Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. 21.2 km, 5 hours? (I forget already) We walked. It was hot. My feet hurt. We made it to the albergue. When we got there, I took off my shoes, and tears started streaming down my face because my feet are in pain. I wasn´t crying, my feet were. All I did was eat and sleep, and that was the day. If I wasn´t so uncomfortable in my body, I would have loved to look around at the albergue. It used to be part of the church. It was like 800 years old or something, and the architecture was really neat....

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Aug 25, 2008 - Belorado

Tonight I´m in Beldorado. It´s been a beautiful walk. The wine country is now behind me. I´m now walking through fields of wheat, oats and hay. It feels like big sky country. The horizon stretches forever. This morning as I walked I watched the big orange sun rise over the mountains. Simply beautiful. Today I met another North American for the first time. He´s from Ontario. Very nice man. He asked me to take his picture which I did. We then walked together for a bit and ended up at a bar drinking coffee and eating egg and sausage...

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Jun 8, 2006 - Viloria de Rioja June 8

Today was a day of change for my camino Last night in Najerra. I ate at a restaurant what is called a Pelligrino menu. Since there was a table with 6 people speaking english I asked if I might join them. It turned out that the six where two swiss, austalian, us, italian and frenchman. Very interesting evening.. Today left late. Met others over a long lunch. Chose badly..pig skin. Beer was good. Staying in small albergue. Looks like an interesting mix of people. The change is partly that the scenery has changed from vines to wheat. But also...

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