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Aug 24, 2005 - Toledo, SPAIN

Our last stop on our trip is here in Toledo, the ancient capital of Castille. On the way in to Toledo we visited the abandoned Moorish castle ruins of Almoracid, aledgedly the home to El Cid. We did a day trip to the Museo Prado yesterday to do a condensed El Greco/Goya/Velasquez visit. Toledo is our last stop on our great 6 month trip. Central America and Spain...from gecko to El Greco...we have had a blast.

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Aug 12, 2005 - Castilian Excursion

We drive to Toledo, capital of Castile. Here our local guide shows us the Cathedral and one of Europe's oldest synagogues. We will also see the El Greco masterpiece in the chapel of Santo Tomé and the art of Damascene in a local steel workshop. Later, back to Madrid with a free afternoon. This evening, why not dine out in a typical 'meson'? (Buffet breakfast)

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Jul 18, 2005 - Toledo

I dropped my bags off at the hostel in Madrid and caught a bus to Toledo. One thing is evident, its is a lot drier here than in San Sebastian, as I look out of the window on the bus back the only green I see is on the occasional roadside tree. Once I entered the gates into the old walled city I notice the plethora of souvenir shops selling clothes, fans, of the hand waving type and the things that Toledo is famous for, swords and knives. I remember I was given a small letter opener shaped like a Spanish sword by my Grandfather many moons...

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Jul 6, 2005 - Medieval Toledo

Toledo, Spain I arrived at Madrid in the morning. I wanted to catch a train going to Pampalona in the evening. So I had pretty much the whole day. I decided to go to nearby medieval town Toledo. Once again, I fixed my breakfast on the train station. I did some exercises in a corner of the station, ate my sandwiches with a box of juice, checked in my backpack in the cloak room and I was on my way to Toledo. A jumble of narrow, winding streets, perched on a small hill above the Rio Tajo, Toledo is crammed with museums, churches, and other...

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Jul 4, 2005 - Toledo

Today started with a buffet breakfast at our hotel included with the tour price. We then boarded an orange bus with Luis driving and another Luis as our guide for our optional trip to Toledo. Toledo used to be the capital of Spain until about the 1600's when it was moved to Madrid. King Phillip II was having problems with the Cardinal in Toledo and so moved the capital. Madrid is a city of about 4 million people and Toledo has about 50,000 people. Toledo is about 1 hour drive from Madrid. We arrived in Toledo and were let out for pictures...

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Jun 13, 2005 - Outtakes of Toledo.

Hey Yall... I know it's been WEEKS since yall have heard from me but rest assured I am doing great and just love living in Madrid! Finally had the chance to go to Toledo today but I will need to back up a bit and explain what the HECK I had been doing here in Madrid for almost a month! Well...Esteban isn't a guy one could resist easily and as I mentioned earlier that I was bewitched by his charms. I have decided to take up on his offer to stay at his place and explore Madrid as much and as long as I desired. So here I was for a month before...

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May 25, 2005 - Holy Toledo Batman, it's Toledo

Toledo, famous for swords and knives. If you are familiar with Fremantle and know the 'Millenium exposition of fine arts', a place banned to potential submariners then it is a town of about 200 of these shops. We found no immediate need for a sword mind you, the last major battle for the city took place in the 1500's. The city is still ringed by the town wall and many parched fields. We were lucky to arrive during the Fiesta of Corpus Christi which is one of the largest religious festivals in Spain. During the festival they line the...

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May 7, 2005 - Spain -- Toledo

Day 34 - Sat May 7 to Toledo (Chris) Big travel day. We got up early and hit the train to Madrid at 7:55. It was a 6 hour ride, in possibly the oldest 1st-class car in Europe. There was even a movie on, in a small TV at the front of the car, Les Impostres with Nicholas Cage, of course in Spanish.  We hit Madrid, but would have to backtrack to Toledo, an hour away. Since we were hungry we dropped our bags at the checked baggage office in the train station, and walked to a restaurant across the street from the Prado art museum. It was called...

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Jan 10, 2005 - Estoy en Granada! Finalmente!

Hola de Granada! Well I´m finally here! I can´t even begin to explain how amazing the past couple of days have been. Well I think I left off with Madrid, but so much has happened since then I don´t know where to begin! We left Madrid Friday morning and began our daily adventure with El Escorital, which is an enormous monestary and private college about an hour north of Madrd. Ya´ll, you would not believe this place. The entire building covers 9 square miles, and just by walking the corridors you can cover 11 miles! That´s a lot of walking...

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Oct 26, 2004 - Semester Break- Toledo

Getting to Toledo was definitely not a blast- the track is being worked on at the Toledo station, so you have to get off at the stop before and get on a bus just to get to the train station. Once we were there, we grabbed a map from the train station and got directions- we were assured it was a short walk to our hotel. Can I just say that was the biggest lie EVER?! First, we dragged all our things from the train station about 4 blocks distance around the corner to a huge bridge that crosses to the main part of Toledo. Then, we went up a...

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Jun 18, 2004 - Cordoba to Toledo.

Woke up a little earlier than I'd like to at 6:30. But if we were 'one minute late' to show up for the bus in the morning we'd have to take the train to Madrid on our own. It was a long ride on the bus up to Toledo and we got up there at around 1:30. Unfortunately most everything closes from 2pm to 4pm for 'siesta', even the museums, so me and my boy Larry hightailed it down to the old Synagogue since we figured we had seen enough Cathedrals and Mosques already (also our tour guide Mark told us we could get inside for free, which wasn't the...

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May 30, 2004 - Toledo, Spain

Hoowee. What a day. Teresa and I got up this morning as our roomates were getting in (7:30). I am sick, but not miserable, still I had a rough night. We took breakfast at the hostel with people from San Diego, New Jersey and Lancaster. What a strange thing. We made some lunch with the bread, jelly, and peanut butter I brought from home for the day trip to Toledo, Spain. We walked a half hour to the train station on this Sunday morning. People were still out from the night before. It seems Madrid is as busy as the rest. Sarah told me that...

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