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Jun 4, 2017 - Zaragoza

Day 17 - Sun 4 Jun 17. Boy are the days flying! I have just noticed on the front page of Mytripjournal that we are the only couple regularly posting for Spain. Conclusion; no one else is travelling or most are facebooking or blogging elsewhere and I'm alone , which is fine. I post daily for the discipline of recording what I know I'll need to remember in a few years time as the greying matter kicks in; sorry about the photo's, I have hundreds but this is not the easiest of sites for uploads. Today we plan to visit the Basilica as a...

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Jun 3, 2017 - Zaragoza

Day 16 - Sat 3 June 17 A quick snack of 2* Tapas buns and coffee started the day in the Plaza de Espana as we awaited the 1030 hrs Hop on Hop off tour of the city. Presenting a 50€ bill to the bus driver was not well received and we had to make a special stop to change the money. The tour was expected to last an hour and a half and we continued the trip until we reached stop 16 of 19, the Aljaferia Palace. We had previously viewed from the bus the bullfighting arena, the new ultra modern inter modal transport centre and the impressive area...

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Jun 2, 2017 - Zaragoza

Day 15 - Fri 2 June 17 We both did not sleep well but we were up and away from our Valladolid hotel for Zaragoza at 0815hrs. Our first objective was Soria; the half way point. At first, the countryside was quite green and fertile, much as we have seen until now however it was to be quite different by the time we reached Zaragoza. We stopped for fuel at a transport stop and while I filled the car, Kaye attempted to order a coffee with fresh milk. On entering the restaurant, I sensed the discussion had not gone well and we/ I have agreed that...

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Apr 24, 2017 - Zaragoza to Barcelona

As usual the trip begins with a trip to a new city. Today it is Zaragoza. Besides being the birthplace of the artist Goya, Zaragoza has a spectacular basilica, Our Lady of the Pilar. St James supposedly brought Christianity to Spain and an apparition of Mary came to St James regarding developing the first temple to Mary here. Many years later another apparition appeared to a nun describing a pilar and Statue of Mary and where it was to be placed; the temple was built. Following a fire in the 1400's, the Church was rebuilt in the Gothic...

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May 9, 2016 - Zaragoza wander

Buffet breakfast was a big mistake as I couldn't fit as much tapas in later as I wanted. (I walked the 6 flights to and from to make up for it) The usual confused conversation with a local at breakfast. She asks me how far is it to the moon and I tell her where the cutlery is. Works for me. The hotel we are staying in has a facade of opulence. Lots of chandeliers (plastic), huge fake paintings from the masters and furniture that is not real. Suits me at the price. We are on the sixth floor with a roof top we can look out over the city. Huge...

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May 8, 2016 - 40th Wedding Anniversary and drive from Hodarribia to Zaragoza

It is not often that I make a mistake - well in my eyes at least. I said to Chris happy Mother's Day and Happy 40th Wedding Anniversay, all on the right date. ok so far. THEN I said lets go to Huesca on the way to Zaragoza, it's only a couple of centimeters out of the way on the map. So off we go. Oops. Why is the hotel proprietor scrunching her fingers at us as we leave the car park? Yes you guessed it we didn't pay. Try explaining that you meant to pay but you forgot when Basque is not your second language. We paid and left friends - I...

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Apr 5, 2014 - Day 6 - No ruins for you!!!

(For those of you who were on pins and needles wondering if we ever managed to find the necessary adapters, we did. You call sleep better at night now. And pictures will be forthcoming). We arrived in Zaragoza by train. That meant we had to take a cab to the apartment where we were staying. (For a little more than 1/2 the price of a hotel room in Barcelona, we got to stay in an apartment in Zaragoza). I have noticed that cab drivers love to talk to their fares. Or maybe they just want to talk to Americans or English speakers, but they seem...

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Apr 4, 2014 - Day 5 - Shocking. Simply shocking.

You may have noticed that there are no photos (as of yet) in this or my last two journal entries. This was not intentional. There is a story behind that. Or more accurately, a series of mishaps. Most of the photos I've been taking have been with my Sony camera, which can best be described as a high-end point and shoot. It's not to the level of an SLR, but it's quite a few notches above even the best cell phone cameras (which have, in the last few years, become generally pretty good for most purposes). I also have a camera on my iPhone, but...

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Sep 12, 2013 - On the walk

I am in ZARUTZ Spain tonight the walk has been brutal the most difficult thing I have ever done there hasn't been a single mile of flat land yet the views are beautiful of ocean farm land and forest never thought I could hurt so bad my legs and shoulders are the worse and now I have blisters on two toes walking with a group of six five from Spain one from Denmark they speak Spanish but frank speaks a little English so it is ok need my rest leave at 8:00 doing 13.5 miles tomorrow did 16 first day one more day only 745 kilometers left???

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May 21, 2013 - J'ai couru Bilbao et marché San Sébastian

Je commence par une anecdote. Philippe m’a dit que j’étais quelqu’un de très organisé. Donc à mon arrivé à Bilbao, je mets sous la charge tous les petits appareils qui fonctionnent à pile. Le jour suivant, je pars faire mes visites incluant bien sur le musée Guggenheim. Sur mon chemin je vois un bel édifice que je veux prendre en photo. Surprise! Tellement bien organisé que j’avais oublié, avant mon départ de remettre a pile dans mon appareil photo. Alors les photos que vous allez voir ici on été emprunté de ~Google image~. Donc vous ne...

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May 17, 2013 - Zaragoza

Comme un je suis un vrai verseau, alors c’est normal que j’aime autant les grandes que les petites villes. J’en ai fait BEAUCOUP en Espagne. Alors là j’ajoute Zaragoza, capitale de l’Aragon, cinquième ville d’Espagne avec une population d’environ 750 000 habitants. Elle est surnommée « ville des quatre cultures » pour avoir été occupée successivement par les Ibères, les Romains, les Musulmans et les Chrétiens. Zaragoza a été l’hôte de l’expo universelle en 2008. Le peintre Goya est né en 1746 à Fuendetodos, tout près de Zaragoza. Un arrêt...

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May 15, 2013 - Gran Canaria.....nada!

Bonjour! Mes 12 jours à Gran Canaria (Maspalomas) sont passés. Quoi écrire, excepté que je n’ai rien fait. Je me répète rien fait, sauf la plage, et les boites en soirée. Bien sur bien arrosé de bières, de vin, et de cocktails parfois seul et parfois bien accompagnés. Les premiers jours, la petite voie intérieure me disait: Ro il faut faire le jogging, il faut faire ci, il faut faire attention à cela, etc. et surprise après 5 jours la petite voie est devenu aussi paresseuse que moi….alors là….FIESTA! C’est l’endroit rêvé pour faire ce genre...

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