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Jan 13, 2016 - December/January

I flew to Scotland on the 4th, the plane arriving an hour late, so I missed my train, had to wait another hour; the Forth road bridge had just been closed so the railways were in chaos, and I was lucky to get a seat. The weather didn't help, terrible gales and driving rain in the north west were adding to the railway troubles. I was so glad to see Douglas on the footbridge at Montrose station, I was fighting a losing battle with the wind and rain, but had struggled up a few steps when I heard him call my name, and he relieved me of my case...

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Nov 30, 2015 - November

November has passed far too quickly. Can't believe we've been here 6 weeks. The beginning to the middle of the month was spent settling in, catching up with friends, and coping with storms. The latter half has been spent doing morning chores/cleaning/washing/shopping, just as at home, or in Roy's case working hard on technical/computer stuff so we can get good internet & UK tv. Wednesdays strolling the market in Estepona. Afternoons have been lovely, lazing in the sun, followed by dog walking in the hills. Well, I don't go every day, but am...

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Nov 8, 2015 - First weeks back

The first weekend here we had a terrible storm, after which it rained hard and continually for several days. The week after that it was very changeable, unusual for here but we got on with settling in and catching up with a few friends. Roy and Blue especially on their hill walks, got to meet up with several dog walking, local living Brits, Blue recognising the dogs before Roy could see who their owners were!! The next storm was Halloween when the wind was really fierce continuing into Sunday. At 5pm it suddenly stopped, and the "monsoon"...

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Oct 21, 2015 - Seville - so much history

On our last day in Seville we chose to go on a walking tour of the city. In the past we have avoided organised tours but here we have found them to be very informative and a good way of gaining an understanding of what we are seeing. Our guide was a local who is passionate about his city and showing it to visitors. The Seville Cathedral is the largest cathedral, and the third largest church in the world. The General Archive of the Inidies is a 16th century building, next to the Seville Cathedral, which houses 80 million documents and maps...

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Oct 20, 2015 - Day trip to beautiful Ronda

Ronda is a beautiful mountain top city south of Seville which sits above a deep gorge that is spanned by a stone bridge. There are sweeping views of the valleys below and the surrounding moutain ranges.It is one of Spain's oldest towns, dating back to Islamic times and was established in 9th century BC. In this area there are many white villages (pueblous blancos) for which the Andalucia region is known. Ronda is famous for being a popular destination of Ernest Hemingway who wrote that it is the most romantic place in Spain. It is also the...

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Oct 19, 2015 - Seville - Plaza de Espana and Military Museum

The Plaza de Espana was built for the Latin/American exposition (world fair) in 1929 which was hosted by Seville. It is 50,000 square metres in size and is shaped in a half circle of buildings with moat and bridges. It has been used as a filming location for movies including one of the Star War movies,Lawrence of Arabia and a Sasha Baron-Cohen movie. The plaza also features in Simply Red's 'Something got me Started' video clip. The complex now houses government agencies, museums etc. The Regional Military Museum is a three level display of...

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Oct 19, 2015 - Seville city

The weather in Seville has been overcast with showers so we've been dodging puddles as we get around the city. Our accommodation is in a narrow lane in a maze of streets in the old town and we have to consult a map every time we come back to the apartment:-)

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Oct 18, 2015 - Shopping (for girls only)

Some of the window displays in shops are beautiful. The photo of the real life models was taken in the United Colours of Benetton store in Granada where the girls danced to music to entertain the pedestrians (there seemed to be an awful lot of males lingering across the street for some reason!).

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Oct 18, 2015 - Bellavista, our second home

Friday 16th Oct. Feels like we're home again. It is sooooo good to be back. Other people it may not suit, but for us it's ideal. We have major problem tho, garage door is jammed fast, can't get Smartie out or get into garage to get anything out. It stuck the other day on site when it rained heavily and unexpectedly, and we had left the door open. The rain must have affected the lock and for the past 2 days Roy's been trying to get it sorted. Today he bought a crow bar as a last resort. We arrived at Bellavista an hour ago, again made very...

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Oct 17, 2015 - Granada

We arrived in Granada two days ago. It is a vibrant and attractive city with a nice feel to it. Our apartment is very roomy and comfortable and we have found it very easy to settle in here. Yesterday we had a big day of sightseeing, setting out early to walk to the Alhramba (a royal city and one of the main tourist attractions in Spain) and finishing the day at a popular vantage point to watch the sun set over the city and the Alhambra.The view is described as sublime and was worth the climb to reach Midora de San Nicholas, the view...

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Oct 16, 2015 - Alhambra and Generalife, Granada

The Unesco world heritage listed Alhambra sits majestically above Granada with the Sierra Nevada mountain range as a backdrop. The number of visitors each day is capped at 8,000 which sounds like a lot but the area is so large that it is not too crowded. Tickets sell out in well in advance but 1,000 tickets are held back each day for visitors who start queuing at 6am or earlier even though the gates don't open until 9.30am. We booked a tour with a guide as this is the best way to understand the history of the whole complex. It was...

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Oct 15, 2015 - Train travel in Spain

We have used Spain's Renfe train system a couple of times now, for a day trip from Madrid to Toledo, from Madrid to Cordoba and from Cordoba to Granada. So far we have found the system very efficient and the fast trains are very fast. There is a board in the carriage (coache) showing time, destination and speed. The fastest speed we have seen so far is 300kph. We almost had a mishap travelling from Cordoba to Granada yesterday. We were checking the noticeboard for our train number to appear while watching people board the train sitting at...

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