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May 26, 2013 - The Alhambra and olive oil

We took a taxi to the Alhambra, where we met our guide, Fernando. We spent about 3 hours exploring the complex and gardens. Alhambra was a city in its own right, comprising a military area (alcazar), judicial area (hall of the ambassadors), and living and working area (medina). The Christian palace of Charles V was built in the Alhambra to symbolize the triumph of Christianity over Islam. Many parts of the structure date from the 14th century. Much has also been destroyed. Fernando asked us to focus on the walls and ceilings, many of which...

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May 25, 2013 - Granada

Another train ride today. This was from Seville to Granada and took about 3 hours. The Spanish countryside is very beautiful, with olive trees as far as the eye can see. As we neared Granada, we could see the Sierra Nevada-a snow covered mountain range that contains the highest mountain in Spain. We had a bit of time to settle in before we went for a walk in the Albaicín (old Arab) quarter, with our charming guide, Carmen. This area of the city is high on a hill. We are glad that we took a taxi up the hill and walked down, rather than doing...

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May 13, 2013 - Granada

Had a 3-hour guided tour of the Alhambra today. You have to google it to see what we saw. It just doesn't lend itself to words! It is one of the last and greatest Moorish palaces in Europe. Had tapas at a place close to the hotel for lunch...tuna/tomato salad and grilled chicken and vino. Wandered the shops and visited the Royal Chapel. Saw the tombs of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand. Rested for an hour or so, wandered more shops and squares and did three tapas bars for dinner. Nothing spectacular in terms of food...but great conversation.

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Apr 22, 2013 - GRANADA - Alhambra palaces

A fortress, a palace and a water garden, the Alhambra represents the Moorish history in Spain, especially Andalusia and is amongst the best architectural sights of Europe, with its peach coloured brick walls. A magnificent construction set against the back drop of the Sierra Nevada the ideal time to visit is in the spring. There are some complications when trying to purchase tickets as there number restrictions and only so many available on the day due to 'On line Bookings' in advance. The Nasrid Palaces has set times to visit. This is...

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Easy Spain

Jan 3, 2013 - The first Day of our Adventure

We arrived in Madrid on time and tired. We got our little car and headed out to Toledo. We intended to find the car park and take the escalator into the center of town. I read all about this thought I had it down but no the streets were narrow and people walking everywhere we went round and round never found the car park gave up hit the road to Granada. We were to stay in the old town of Granada and had many directions on how to get to the hotel however we could not find it until we hire a taxi to drive in front of us and get us to the...

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Dec 8, 2012 - Granada

Yesterday we did a day trip to Granada and viewed the impressive Alhambra Palace. Unfortunately the weather was not the best, our first day of rain since our arrival in Malaga. Despite the weather we enjoyed our 3hr tour around the Palaces, Granada town and a walk around the old city. Unlike yesterday, today has been a brilliant hot day so we've had a lazy day walking around the harbour area taking in the markets and Malagueta Beach which is a 5 min stroll from our apartment. Have done a bag re-pack this afternoon in preparation for our...

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Oct 27, 2012 - Alhambra-ing and everything in between! (Granada and Seville!)

Finally more time to catch up on my blogging! I have friends in town but they were headed to La Sagrada Familia right now and since I get in for free there with my class I decided to sit that excursion out. Last weekend me and Kelsey and Nicole went to Granda and Sevilla, totally last minute (as in we booked it wednesday night at midnight and left the next day), and had such a great time! It was even worth the overnight train ride of 12 hours in very uncomfortable seats...right before midterms (if you can call them that). We arrived in...

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Sep 19, 2012 - Grenada, Spain

1. Alhambra Place; Moors, Christian Kings, and Washington Irving 2. Gypsy Flamingo Dancers in a cave The Alhambra has such an interesting history. First built over a Roman ruin by the Moorish rulers, then the Christians occupied after the reconquest in 1492. King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor added his own Palace in 1527. It fell into ruins for hundreds of years and was occupied by the homeless until Washington Irving an American author lived there while writing his book "The Tales of the Alhambra" based on stories the homeless told him....

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Sep 2, 2012 - Alhambra

We were up early this morning and in the breakfast room before they were ready for us. We had all we needed, however, and we got ready to leave. We walked round to the bus stop and there was on in, although we had to stand all the way to the Alhambra. There are regular sized buses, but round the hotel and to the Alhambra they use small, 11 seater buses. Coming back tonight there were an additional 17 passengers standing - Christine reckoned it was worse than the London Underground! We were at the Alhambra ticket office before they were...

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Sep 1, 2012 - Weddings, Cathedral and Weddings

We followed our recent pattern today and had breakfast in the hotel then went out. We took the hop-on-hop-off bus from the Cathedral and toured round Grenada. It took us up to the Alhambra, but we scarcely saw it. We did see a lot of Churches and the bull ring. It was early enough that we did not get too hot sitting outside and upstairs in the bus. We seemed to have the bus to ourselves, no one came on at any of the stops. We did the full circuit and got off at the Cathedral. We went into the Royal Chapel which contains the tombs of King...

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Aug 31, 2012 - Granada and a Cathedral Wedding

We got ready and packed the last few things, had breakfast, checked out of the hotel and walked round to the square and got a taxi. It took us to the bus station in half the time the one took to deliver us to the hotel and by a much more direct route. We were in plenty time and sat in a modern bus terminal for a while till it was time to go down to the slots where the buses leave from. Our bus was in and we lined up to load or luggage and get onto our designated seats. While the bus drivers in Portugal helped with loading the cases, here...

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Aug 5, 2012 - Alhambra day

This morning looks like today is going to be a very hot day, which makes me doubly pleased I arranged to do a tour of Alhambra in the morning. I’m not sure you can tour it any other way in a group, but in either case, I’m claiming a victory. The company that does the tours picks you up in a bus and delivers you to the gates, which is fantastic seeing as Alhambra sits atop a nice big hill called La Sabika, and I was already tired from yesterdays walk. The bus was open air, and dropped us outside the entrance, where we got broken up into...

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