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Jul 14, 2009 - Speechless

Sorry for the lack of speaking.. Long story short- Mom made it here... Amazing safari with tons of animals and the best food and company ever... Made it safe to Cape Town today..Staying in a suite fit for a queen overlooking the newly constructing Stadium for the 2010 World Cup, with water views as well.. Too amazing for words and must wake up tomorrow for a long day of site-seeing... Point is...I am doing well and ALIVE! LOVE ALWAYS, Becca

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Jul 10, 2009 - It's so hard...to say good bye..

Today was a beautiful day in S.A. My day began with me at the home, setting up for a birthday party for two of the kids, "Fresh" and Happy. Both these boys are incredible and have been with the home since it opened. Shelly, the tutor for the home, brought gifts and food and games, etc. We each said how we felt about the boys and then sang Happy Birthday. It was really beautiful! Then we watched Mission Impossible 2 because I saw it at the grocery store the other day and I thought the kids would like it--and they did very much. I left the...

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Jul 9, 2009 - Cleanin' Up

Well, I can't believe my time here is ending! The kids had to do a lot of cleaning so that is what consumed our day. It is funny to think that sometimes donations are not very helpful. There are two very large sheds that hold, what I didn't know until today, a whole bunch of shit: Tons of clothes that will never ever fit the kids, extra beds and furniture, etc. We spent the whole dumping and cleaning out these spaces. It is sad to say but at the end of the day MONEY would really be best for the home and these kids...With money they could...

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Jul 8, 2009 - Bananas!

Today was another wonderful day..nothing to crazy to report on! We watched movies all day...did not get off the couch once! The kids stayed up to watch the Micheal Jackson memorial so they were all very tired, and I wasn't about to push them into dancing. We also played a spelling game called Bananas with their tutor, Shelly. We all teamed up to play this Scrabble-like game. Shelly brought prizes and so they kids were very excited to play--and win! The boys all commented on how they enjoy my company and are going to be sad that I am leaving...

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Jul 7, 2009 - Smile!

I am very tired so I am going to keep this short... What a wonderful way to start off my last week with the kids! We worked on a salsa combination and danced for about 2 hours! The kids are really growing dance-wise and have shown a great improvement with memorizing and performing. You can tell that they are comfortable because they shine when they dance, exhibiting personality and all! We finished Gossip Girl and I promised as soon as Season 3 airs I will try to send it to them so they can stay in the "know" with what is happening. Four...

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Jul 6, 2009 - Down on the Shebeen

First, and foremost, Happy July 4th! Hope the weekend brought lots of fun! My weekend was packed and intense to say the least, all in a positive way. Saturday I arrived early at the home because an adult church group was coming over to help with "around the house" type things, such as re-tiling and hanging up curtains, etc. The majority of the group was Indian and they prepared an amazing home-made Indian lunch for all of us--yes a lot of Indian food was consumed on my part this weekend. The children and I continued to watch "Gossip Girl"...

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Jul 3, 2009 - Positive Energy

The energy of S.A. is glorious! Today my day began with Marnie pestering me about how hungover she was! We really had such a great time last night and I now have a bunch of South African artists playing on repeat on my Ipod. I arrived at the home today and all the kids were waiting outside for me--in disbelief I kept my hair as Ketia said! We starting to play music and warm-up when Sanne notified us some possible beneficiaries would be arriving and we had to get the home in tip-top shape. We cleaned everything and once we were finished the...

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Jul 2, 2009 - Hair Did

Today was another fantastic day with the kiddies! I taught a hip hop class and the kids are so gifted and talented, I worked a sweat just trying to keep up. The good day continued when it was confirmed a local day camp will allow the kids to attend for free--so as soon as I leave, they will be enrolled in camp! You could hear the screams from a mile away. The rest of the day consisted of more movies and even more "Gossip Girl." The kids just love it so much, they beg me to put it on--I SWEAR! When Jeremy picked me up he let me know I...

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Jul 1, 2009 - Umoja

Today was a great day in S.A....And I cannot believe it is JULY! I arrived at the home and the kids convinced me to have the LAZIEST day in the world! We literally watched 7 episodes of Gossip Girl and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The kids are so sweet and the girls insisted on giving me a massage and painting my nails while we watched--so I couldn't complain! They are so cute and such girly girls...they really love hair, makeup, the whole deal... Alex picked me up from the Home and we went to eat at a traditional African Restaurant and see...

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Jun 30, 2009 - Go Get 'Em, Tiger

Today I couldn't have asked for a better day! I stopped to get candy and a DVD for the kids on my way to the home. Once I arrived, we got straight to dancing. The kids love salsa, so I had them partner up and taught them a little routine to do. We ended up dancing for about two hours in total--They never want to stop! It is so meaningful to see how much they appreciate me and our time together. From there we listened to music and relaxed. The kids are happy to be off from school, although they do like learning and seeing their friends...

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Jun 29, 2009 - Rhythm City

Sorry for the delay on this post! It has been a great/crazy weekend! Saturday began with me waking at 8 am to be at the house and wait for the kids to get back from their tutoring class. Pamela, one of the children, was home so her and I watched back to back episodes of “Rhythm City,” a popular show here which would have fit perfect in the Saturday morning lineup we used to watch, in between “City Guys” and “Step by Step.” When the kids finally all arrived back, a local church group (think, the young life of S.A., Gabs!) came over to play...

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Jun 27, 2009 - Happy Feet

Today was an amazing day...however you will have to wait for tomorrow to hear all about it! I have been up and out all day and am waking up early to go to Church with the kids. I will update later..SORRY! Thank you for supporting me and reading and following me as I proceed to Week 2 of my African Adventure! love always, becca

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