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Apr 13, 2011 - Vysoke Tatry

This afternoon we head off to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia by public bus to Zakopane where we change to a mini bus at the Poland Slovakia border. Cross the border then take a public bus to Vysoke Tatry where we stay the night. On the 14th we had snow during the night and was wet and cold so I just did a bit of walking around the hotel while the ladies took a hike in the snow, was an big deal walking in the snow as they were from Australia. I took the day easy doing some reading and have a couple nice cold beers.

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May 26, 2010 - Tatra Mountains, SLOVAKIA

Wednesday, May 26 I was up early today to do a few last minute things before leaving Krakow. We had a 15-minute walk to the bus station and took a local bus (approx. 4 hours) through southern Poland to Zakapone. From there, we had a private van drive us to Tatranska Lomnica ("Tat-ran-ska Lom-nit-sa") in Slovakia enjoying the scenery of rolling hills and tiny villages. Tatranska Lomnica is a small alpine resort at the base of the Vysoke Tatry (High Tatra) Mountains. We stayed two nights in this quaint village in a family-owned and operated...

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Jul 29, 2008 - Stary Smokovec and the Slovakian Tatras

Tim -- Ravi and I decided that the best way to follow up our ten and a half hour hike in the Polish Tatras was to take another hike...in the Slovakian Tatras. Our trip to the Slovakian side of the mountains was beautiful, but the real adventures started once we arrived in Stary Smokovec. Like homing pigeons and dolphins, Ravi has an innate sense of where to find tourist information centers. Moments after alighting from the bus and donning our backpacks, Ravi and I arrived in the tourist information office a bit hungry and looking like a...

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Aug 9, 2006 - Slovensky Raj

"Sometimes the hardest journeys are the shortest distance" JyT Less than 50 km and it took all day there and all day back. But to be fair, a car would have made things immensely easier. Oh yeah, and knowing where we wanted to go and how to get there would have helped. Slovensky Raj, or Slovak Paradise, probably is, but it is also incredibly touristed, especially the trail we ventured to - Sucha Bela, described as the most romantic gorge in the park. Not sure how gorges are romantic, but this one was mostly crowded. Julia had to turn back...

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Aug 1, 2006 - The High Tatraˇs and Tatranska Lomnica

We had no idea how lucky we had gotten. We found a pension in Tatranska Lomnica on a website while we were still in Liptosky Mikulas and e-mailed if there were any rooms available. Yes, an apartment without kitchen is the reply. Upon arrival, there had been a change and we were now in a fabulous one bedroom apartment with a kitchen. But we could only stay 6 nights as we were only able to get this apartment because of a rare cancellation. And best of all - 32 USD a night - WOW! Vysoke Tatry, or the High Tatra's are the lowest elevation ˇHigh...

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Jul 10, 2006 - Slovakia

On July 4th, Eva and I left on a trip to Slovakia. I had not been there last year except for a quick stopover in Bratislava, the capital, so I was pretty excited about seeing the country. It is the eastern half of the former Czechoslovakia, and is slightly more mountainous and has more of an agricultural economy than the Czech Republic. We drove all day through Moravia (east Czech Republic) and the low mountains of Slovakia full of castles perched high on the hilltops. Along the way, we passed a lot of farmland and sheep farms. Slovakia is...

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Sep 14, 2005 - Stary Smokovec, Slovakia (Tatra N.P.)

Dobry Den! Traveling to Stary Smokovec involved 3 buses and crossing the Polish-Slovakia border the foot. The trip went smoothly so we were thankful for no hiccups! Stary Smokovec is a resort town situated at the base of the Tatra National Park. This is a beautiful mountain range where the people of Slovakia and Poland flock to for vacation. Arriving in town was a little shocking because all of the trees surrounding it were being cut down leaving a very bare and depressing site. We began to wonder where we had come to! Turns out they had a...

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Jul 27, 2005 - Levoca!! UPDATED!!!

After going through Poland and taking so much in as Auschwitz Nick and I decided we were doing our trip a bit too fast. I personally get a bit overdone with tourist sights and stop taking it in after a while. We decided to just pick a random town in Slovakia that we could stop at and eventually head on to Budapest. We eventually ended up in Levoca (after long, slow trains, and long slow buses). Cute little town about the size of Mammoth and not a tourist in sight! Definitely stuck in time--it's no longer an 80's party that you throw but a...

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Jun 16, 2005 - Day 13 - Zakopane/Stary Smokovec (Slovakia)

Taking our time over breakfast, which included a dude standing there, preparing eggs and accompaniments, on demand, Lisa had her most profound food experience of the trip... In her words "the perfect strawberry shortcake". She contemplated staying another day, just to have it again... Despite this, we checked out, and headed for the bus station. In Poland there are the official (or PKS) buses, and there are the established private bus services as well. These are mostly mini-buses, but also some long haul coaches, that are in better...

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Jun 14, 2005 - Day 11 - Krakow/Zakopane

The 2 ½ hour trip by bus from Krakow to Zakopane highlighted a few things to us. The first is just how much infrastructure work is going on, and how much it is needed. Sections of the road are appalling (didn't stop our driver overtaking trucks though), and the Polish folk are madly trying to build better roads and bridges everywhere. Zakopane is as far south in Poland as you can get, it is nestled up against the Tatra mountains, and is a candidate for the 2011 Winter Games. The Tatras are a pretty impressive set of mountains, being the...

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Jun 8, 2005 - The High Tatras

Where? 'The smallest mountain range in the world' on the border of Slovakia and Poland. I was in a beauiful hotel, had my own rom and everything, in Stare Smokovec near Potrad in Slovakia. Went for a bit of peace and quiet away from the cities and sure got it. Decided 1 day i wlould tackle the nearest mountain Slavkovsky Stit. Set off along a blue trail which calimed to be clearly marked, after 100m i was lost. Ended up in a challet up from a furnicular that turned out well as the heavens opened and i was able to take shelter. When it...

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Jun 7, 2005 - Stary Smokovec via Poprad Tatry

We took bus and then train E. to get to the really high mountains in this country only to be rained and moneyed out...rain all the way and the chalet we had read in the LP to be cheap was the cheapest but 400 SK = 13 US dollars!! I am still sick but getting better, now just diarrhia and gas and no appetite! The amazing thing about this place other than the che che-ness of it is the huge blowdown that happened in Nov...huge swaths of trees have been totally toppled domino-like all the way down the mountainside!!!! The logs are being hauled...

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