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Jul 13, 2011 - 7 Days on Goć Mountain

There’s not possible way to encapsulate my first week on the mountain in a short entry, but I’ll try to give you some of the most vivid elements of what has been an intense, enriching experience to date. The Producer of the Kraljevo City Theatre hired me to work with conservatory actors from Serbia’s three top acting academies over 11 days to create an original performance, to take place somewhere on the mountain near the hotel and complex. Slavko and I have known each other since 2006, when he was one of my actors in BoxWhatBox: I DREAM,...

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EurAfrica 2011

Mar 17, 2009 - Caution: These photos may be disturbing to some viewers

3/17/09 Because Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as a foreign country, we needed to cross from Macedonia into Serbia before going into Kosovo. In fact, we met one traveler who attempted to go from Albania into Kosovo and then into Serbia. He was dragged off the bus and told to “F—off” by a Serbian border guard. Good thing we didn’t try that! We dutifully went out of our way to travel from Skopje to Nis, Serbia. It was the right decision. Nis, Serbia hits home the idea that Serbia has suffered at the hands of others. Its two major cultural...

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Jun 14, 2008 - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Unlike the movie my trip actually went very smoothly. I left Friday morning in Arizona and finally arrived in Nis Saturday evening. My stops were in Atlanta and then Vienna. I was able to sit next to normal people on the planes which was definitely a good thing for a 10 hour flight, even though I did sleep for a few hours. They even played good movies like Fool’s Gold and The Bucket List. P.s. The latter is now one of my favorite movies. When I arrived in Vienna it was so strange to hear everyone talking another language. I even once had to...

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May 27, 2007 - Quixote vs Cyrano in Nis

A week can be a long time when your life accelerates; case in point, my life, this week. I'm in Nis (pro. "Neesh", southern slavic for "I shrug my shoulders at you"). After my lightning raid on Belgrade I arrived with my Tommy Hilfiger shirts on Tuesday in Serbia's second city. I hustled over to the theatre before they could all escape and pretend it was a fantasy, and hooked up with Elva. She took me to the flat they have leased for me at the edge of the city centre. It's really unfair. Elva is almost unrealistically beautiful, in a...

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Oct 31, 2006 - Still Crazy After All These Days

Folks, I'm doing the Limbo. I left Prishtina without seeing my show, which opened the day after I departed. No word from Jeton yet on how it went, but the "general" (i.e. dress rehearsal) was visually spectacular. Thank you, Lord, for the invention of the smoke machine. Within the day I was discovering my theatre keys were still in my pocket. Mailed them from Budapest. Don't know if they got there, yet - they're in limbo, too. Two and a half days in Buda and Pest with my excellent friends Sebastien and Jason, then we wedged Sebastien onto...

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Jun 11, 2006 - Theatre of the Theatre in Nis

Rain and Nis go together like...like cars and splattered pedestrians. And yes, that was autobiographical. I'm staying in the tiny flat inside the State Theatre here, which is always a really interesting experience. First of all, the porter gets to know everything about you. What's in that bag you're taking back to your room, whether you have company, what you look like in the morning when you straggle out the front door (hey, you ain't no blooming rose neither, pal). Then there's the path to the flat, which is on the top floor, at one...

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Jun 4, 2006 - Doing the Nis

Two half days and one full day in Serbia's number 3, teeming with crowds on the pedestrian-only streets downtown, sunshine glancing off the Nisava River and the ever smiling reception staff watching the dinars mount as my stay at the Regency Club extends into the troubled domain of late night mini-bar raids... The first leg of this corpus (OK, I'll stop with the body metaphor right there) has decidedly exceeded expectations. A meeting at the theatre yesterday to discuss a project proposal turned up no less than seven theatre staff,...

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