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Sep 16, 2006 - Serbia (Belgrade destined)

One in the morning and the fog is thick as we approach the UN security zone heavily barb wired and secured with an almost excessive number of border security officials... we hand them the documents. We hold our breath. Alas, we are cleared for passage to Serbia. IN THE CLEAR! But wait... we must clear the Serbian Border as well. A border that will become Official in December but is currently (and likely will remain) unrecognized by the serbian government. We pass them our passports, only to be removed from the bus with a few other illegal...

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Jun 29, 2006 - Serbia - south

From Belgrade we headed south. It was basically "drive to Pristina until we get there" but we did a couple of quick tourist-stops. Manasija Monastery near Despotovac was worth a detour, although possibly not the extra hour we spent driving around in circles trying to find the road there. The monastery looks more like a fortress than a monastery from the outside, but the 15th century church had lovely frescoes and an outstanding stone mosaic floor. We were feeling a bit sad about the lack of other visitors (not sure why, but we were) until,...

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