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Oct 8, 2012 - Senegal

My new group is pretty good nearly all have travelled more than me and all but one have done previous Overlanding. A few have been in Africa a lot but this trip is the first since the 80's to venture into a lot of the areas we are visiting. We have Bev 70 very English - think Patsy from Ab Fab was a hostie out of Beruit in the 60's and is quite well off travels extensively and you will know her in any of my pictures look for the very smart looking lady with white hair. Then Vilma South African, her son lives on the Esplanade opposite Star...

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Apr 8, 2008 - Long Road Back

Well, Tuesday doesn't have many stories to it, it was just incredably long... We woke up in the campement just under the Basari mountains. We took our 4x4 back to Tamba, where we had some lunch and said goodbye to our faithful guide and driver. Then we got in our first sept place of the day to get to Kaolac. That was frankly terrible, the roads were amazingly bad, and this time it was day and i could see the potholes :) We did buy two extra seats though, so we could spread out a bit. And we had bought ourselves some sustanence, so we...

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