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Jun 17, 2013 - Novgorod, overnight train, Kremlin, St Sophie's, Yaroslav's court, wooden architecture, Yuriev Monastery,St George Cathedral

Our train arrived about 6am. We all staggered off tired and unwashed. Thank goodness for hand wash as there was none in the loo. We were provided with a picnic but we didn't want it after a day of eating. Jane and I did have a cup of tea. We later worked out that there was an urn and we could have had another once we had a cup. After a much needed shower and breakfast in our hotel we headed off to explore Novgorod. Our guide was delightful but as she had such a quiet voice and talked endlessly about Russian Icons I thought I would feint as...

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Jun 17, 2013 - Novgorod

The overnight train trip was reasonably comfortable although I seemed to wake at each stop and then drop off again. A knock on our door at about 5.30 and Barbara and I took it in turns to dress; I chose not to visit the toilet! The train was in spot on 6.10 and we transferred to our hotel for a shower and breakfast then 12 rather weary travellers were joined by our local guide Victoria for a tour of the Kremlin. We really should say the Novgorod Kremlin as Kremlin means fortress and many cities have one, each containing a number of...

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Sep 7, 2009 - Great Novgorod

On my last day before my final evaluations and farewell events, we took an International Department field trip to Great Novgorod. This year, 2009, Novgorod is celebrating it's 1150th anniversary. Yes, it was founded in the year 859. My town was founded in 1904. We celebrated 105 years. That's not even one tenth of the time that Novgorod has been around (although it was very nearly wiped out during World War II. Less than 100 citizens survived in the entire city). Novgorod was one of the ancient princedoms (for lack of a better term) that...

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Aug 10, 2008 - Nóvgorod

Ayer en la noche llegamos mediante viaje corto a una de las joyas de este país, Nóvgorod, de hecho los monumentos de esta primera capital rusa son patrimonio mundial. Dentro de su Kremlin (que significa 'ciudadela') se encuentra el principal monumento, la antigua Catedral de Santa Sofía, de la que resaltan sus íconos. Fuera del Kremlin visité la Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador o la Transfiguración, interesante porque en ella hay frescos del famoso pintor importado de Bizancio, Teófanes el Griego, como importada de Constantinopla es la...

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Jun 25, 2007 - St. Petersburg to Novgorod

This morning we were dropped off at Decembrists' Square for free time. On Monday's all museum's are closed, but Kristy and I had enquired with Anna the day before and she said that St. Isaac's would be open to walk up so we had saved it for today. When we got to the square you could see that no one was at the top of St. Isaac's and we were starting to wonder if Anna was wrong. We walked over and found out that it didn't open until 10am... whew! And that was only minutes away so we lined up. Rhian, Stacey and I walked around and then up to...

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To Russia With Love

Aug 30, 2006 - St Petersburg,,part 2

I made a couple of day trips out of the city of St P. which were not so expensive. The first was to Peterhof. The summer Palace of Peter the Great and all the lyrical fountains he had created there. It's a manificent lay out of palace, gardeens, mazes, and fountains. It takes hours just to walk around the gardens and fountains. These fountains tend to be hidden and at times cross over the paths where tourists walk and go off when no expects them to...resulting in people getting wet, screaming, scrambling and children loving it. Some look...

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