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Apr 22, 2007 - Lake Baikal

Hi Folks, sorry not been in touch sooner but as I said before we spent 3 days on the train, then a 3 day home stay with some Russians by Lake Baikal so couldn't get access to the tinternet! It seemed like ages ago now that we got on the train for our 3 day epic, stocked up with loads of snacks to eat on the way. The trains as we have got on them have become more basic, but there was only three of us in the cabin this time so had a bit more room. We got on late at night so it was a couple of beers and bed. I got up at 2am to get off at our...

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Dec 24, 2005 - Lake Baikal

6179km from Hong Kong. The world's deepest Lake with 20% of all of the worlds fresh water. From Ulaan Bataar to Moscow on Train Number 5, The Trans-Mongolian Express, or Mobile Gulag No5, or, across Siberia on a Multi-stop delivery vehicle with a bunch or raving alcoholics. After the very pleasant, friendly and comfortable trip up to UB from Beijing I was expecting similar from Train No5. I walked to the station as I had 2 hours between checking out of the hostel and getting on the train. There was a big traffic jam around the station when...

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Mar 29, 2005 - Utulik and the loss of my camera

A bubbling of panic. A few minutes ago I'd snapped a photo of Utulik's cute little train station. Now the 'holster' was empty. Somehow I'd managed to lose my digital camera. It was a present from my wife and with it had disappeared a panoply of memories, faces, photos I'd promised to send and all the digital back-ups of my maps and travel notes that makes such devices so powerful. If only I'd changed the flash card. If only I hadn't visited that useless place in Utulik which didn't prove fit for inclusion in the book anyway. If only......

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