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Nov 29, 2020 - Summary of our time in the Med......

Our time in the Med, a summary… 2014 Left Essex in April and travelled down to La Rochelle, France where we were for Bastille Day, 14 July. Julian joined us for our passage down to Santander, Spain. Then we travelled around the Spanish Rias (gorgeous) and then down the Portuguese coast and wintered in Lisbon. Travelled approx. 2000 nm’s. 2015 Left Lisbon in April and travelled around the coast to Spain and crossed over the Balearic's. Julian joined us again from Mahon to Alghero in Sardinia. Continued around the east coast of Sardinia and...

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Jan 31, 2020 - Along The Algarve

Day 21 - Fri 31st Jan The cliffs where we stayed last night beside a lovely old lighthouse really were impressive. All dark, high & quite for foreboding with waves crashing below. This really is a lovely part of the coastline with sandy beaches to the North of us & high, rocky cliffs to the South. It is obviously popular with motorhomers as we see them everywhere we go & many, like us, are wild camping along the coast. We don’t need all the fancy facilities as we are basically self sufficient so we get to stop in some great places. Shortish...

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Sep 27, 2019 - Algarve - Lagos and Salema

Today we decided to take a drive to the west along the Algarve coast. We visited Lagos - another modern, small city with an old walled city within. Lagos was where the first Portugese maritime expeditions were launched and also the first African slave market was held here. We toured the old town, stopped in at the Slave Market Museum and tried out some hot churros before we left. Then we drove a bit further up the coast to see a couple great beaches and a spectacular lookout at Ponta da Piedade. We took some amazing photos there and then...

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Sep 26, 2019 - Algarve

Jim and I checked out the gym this morning and then Rob and Cindy and Ron and Louise came over. We went for lunch at our nearby square and then walked to the beach, where we swam in the Atlantic and visited on the beach. Afterwards we met them again for dinner at a lovely restaurant further down on the beach called Julias. We had salmon and mango kebobs. Yum! Another wonderful day!

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Sep 25, 2019 - Algarve

Today we walked along the beautiful Algarve coastline / beach which is only about a 10 minute walk from our resort. The beach goes on forever and is backed by these magnificent red cliffs. It is kind of like Arizona meets the Mediterranean. Afterwards Jim checked out the gym and we spent the afternoon relaxing at the pool. A lovely chillaxing day..

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Apr 13, 2019 - Portugal Bound

April 13 - Portugal Bound This morning we had an early get-up to catch our 8:30 bus to Faro, Portugal. We had explored various options of getting from Sevilla, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal including train (would have to go from Sevilla to Madrid and then to Lisbon - an all day journey), car rental (expensive to rent in Spain and drop off in Portugal) or take the bus to Faro, Portugal, rent a car and drive to Lisbon via the Algarve region of Portugal. So our plan was the latter! We supposedly had arranged for a taxi at 7:30 to the Sevilla bus...

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Spain and Portugal

Oct 31, 2018 - Lagos

The five hour drive from Elvas took us through Evora and Silves along excellent roads although temperatures were definitely fresh at 8C when we started out and reached a blistering 17C max. Lagos was much bigger than expected and very busy. Fortunately our apartment was reasonably well positioned and allowed walking access to many of the historic sites on offer including the slave markets and fortress. Rain showers and fresh breezes didn't deter our walk around the old town but did provide opportunities to take refuge in an amazing number...

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Oct 12, 2018 - cork fields and home hosted lunch

Considering the fact that we could have driven here in three hours from Lisbon, it was surprising how long it took the Corinthian, struggling through the waves and swells to get here. It made for a disturbing night's sleep. But the advantage of being on a small ship was apparent this morning, when we were the only ship here in a spot no ocean liner would fit. Later in the day we saw tenders, taking cruisers to a large ship outside the harbor. We just walked right off. We are in the Algarve, an area highly touted by travel magazines. I never...

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May 3, 2017 - Lagos

Wednesday 3rd May 2017, around Lagos Woke early, ready for boat trip..... Too windy and seas at 2.5 m so it was called off. Chris assured them we don't mind being drowned we are keen to see the famous grottos. No go. We walked around and saw the grottos from the top, one we could walk down to, and yes there were no boats around. Very different geology. Walked around the cliffs - no nanny state here. If you go close to the edge there is no fence and you may fall. It was quite windy so we stayed well back - well one of us anyway. Found...

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May 2, 2017 - Tavira to Lagos

Tuesday 2nd May 2017, Can't remember - oh yes Tavira to Lagos Such a cruisie drive. Visited smaller towns on the way - Loule and Silve (yes another castle) and got here in time for a swim - my first since last year. Great stalk nests on the way. The Mediterranean is cold still, about 19 or 20 degrees, but the sun was shining and we were keen. Needless to say it was a brief dip. The coastline here is spectacular and we have booked a boat trip to the local grotto which features in every photo of Lagos. Dinner was easy to find, tourist places...

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May 1, 2017 - Olhao boat trip

Monday 1st May 2017, boat trip from Olhao A bit of a late start as this is a holiday. The boat trip was due to start at 12 noon, then 12.30, then 12.45 then we get away at 1pm. I guess related to celebrations last night. We saw the extensive waterway around here and a few islands. They looked such pleasant places in the sunshine. I expect really bleak in winter though. Fishing is big here. You own a patch of water only you can fish. Lots of shell fish. Still windy but with the sun it was a pleasant time out on the boat. At an island visit I...

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Apr 30, 2017 - Around Tavira

Sunday 30th May 2017, Tavira A gentle breeze turned into a cold Atlantic (even though we are on the Mediteranean) gale for most of the day. We had expected a cork factory tour but there was a mix up by our tour company. First one so far. So rugged up we drove and walked around here for most of the day. Lots to explore. Saw the beach at one stage. Had to cross a floating bridge to get there. Talking to a woman collecting money for a train ride across the Ria Formosa, she explained the money was to be used to replace the bridge we just came...

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