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Sep 13, 2014 - San Juan - surf town - part II

San Juan – Part 2, Sept. 13 – Sept. 26 Jim’s Entry Well we did settle in for a few weeks in San Juan and it almost became the place at which we settled for the remainder of the year. Jim was offered employment – a welcome change of events for the now common lack of interest from perspective employers. However, for us, San Juan is lacking in things to do other than surfing. Not a problem for Jim but restricting for the rest. Also, the international school that we considered for Josh and Adrienne would not have met their needs. So, after more...

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Sep 10, 2014 - Baguio

September 10 – 13, Baguio, Philippines Adrienne’s Report The bus ride to Baguio was not fun. It was on a jam-packed, local bus with falling apart seats that burned your hand when you touched them. At one point we had to get off and get on a new bus because the bridge was under construction and the bus could not cross it. We got to Baguio after what was supposed to be a 2 hour ride but ended up being a 4 hour ride. When we were getting off the bus Josh realized that he forgot his shoes on the first bus. So he walked to the station and...

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Sep 4, 2014 - Where in the world have we been?!!!

July 16 - Tha Khaek to Konglor, Laos - Kelly's tale The day started with gathering information on the trip to Konglor cave, and how to get there. We then decided to move on, rather than explore Tha Khaek, due to time and other constraints, although we had heard it is a wonderful place to explore. We packed up, and then made our way in to town. Found the bus station, and discovered our bus left in 20 min. Rather than explore options and get more info, we jumped; unfortunately, it turns out. The bus was full, so we got stools in the aisle,...

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Dec 27, 2007 - New name, new beginnings, new prospects.

Hello everybody, Yes it's another new name to remember. I picked it because that's how life is going to be now, serene. One can only hope. Well i'm armed and ready to go just waiting for the 7th to come. I've armed with---1 giant mini mal surfboard which is pink with hibiscus on it!- 1 nikon D40, 1 tripod and filters and n grads and other such camera gear, 1 brand spangerly laptop, loads of photoshop and camera dvd tutorial lessons, loads of board wax and a new rash vest, tonnes of excitement and whoever mugs me hits the jackpot! And I...

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Sep 12, 2005 - Moved from Bagabag to San Fernando in Lingayen Gulf

Daddy had apparently been based in Bagabag because on September 12, 1945, he moved from Bagabag to San Fernando in the Lingayen Gulf, La Union province, Philippines. The Lingayen Gulf was very important in the Allied retaking of Luzon, Philippines. On January 9, 1945 at 9:30 in the morning, the US 6th Army conducted an amphibious landing on the gulf, following a devastating naval bombardment, with 68,000 troops landing on the first day alone and a total of 203,608 in subsequent landings along a 20 mile beachhead, stretching from Sual,...

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