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Nov 24, 2004 - Uros Islands

The famous Uros (floating) Islands. We visited these on the way back from the Island we stayed on. They are very close in to the shore, near the town of Puno, which pretty much only exists to service the Titcaca tourist industry. The herons are captured as chicks from nests and reared essentially as chickens to be eaten as a Sunday Roast when they are nice and fat. All in all, I guess the ´Titcaca Experience´ is about 50% real, I´m not sure if I think thats disappointing or not, as I guess its inevitable.

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Nov 23, 2004 - Lake Titicaca Homestay

Visit out on to Lake Titicaca (the world highest navigable lake) from Puno. First visited Taquile Island which has a Castillian Spanish culture. Downtrodden women who should not be heard, dress codes to indicate who is single/married, etc. We stayed overnight with families on another of the Peruvian Islands, Amantani. After a typical meal with the host family, we went to the Village hall for music and dancing with our host "Mammas´". We all had to dress up in traditional clothing - Poncho and woolen hat for the men, and colourful blouses...

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