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Nov 19, 2011 - Working On a Farm

FARM WORK FOR OUR HOMESTAY A donkey woke us up at 6 am. After breakfast with the family we were put to work. Our family had 2 chickens, 7 pigs, 16 sheep, 3 cows and a donkey. They grew crops of potatoes and a type of barley. Sandra had a 2 year old daughter, Evelyn. First we herded sheep down to the shore where they could graze on reeds and grass. When we got them to the spot, you had to catch the sheep by stepping on a long rope that is tied to one of their legs. Two sheep are tied to a metal stake and the sheep are spaced out. I caught...

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Nov 18, 2011 - Luquina

OUR HOMESTAY ADVENTURE We were welomed by the local people of Luquina, at town on a pennisula on Lake Titicaca. They took us up a steep hill to a soccer court where we played 2 games with the local boys. Then we were dressed up in their local outfits. I had 4 skirts, a jacket, a shawl, a hat, and a wide belt. Paul wore a poncho, hat, and satchel. They demonstrated a traditional dance. Then it was our turn to try the dance. At this high altitude is was very tiring. It was a fast dance and the song seemed like it lasted forever. After we were...

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