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May 12, 2005 - Mancora, northern Peru

Headed up here overnight, to get better waves and warmer water. Guess what! The water's cold, the moon is a tiny crescent and there are no waves :-( It's a nice town, but full of travellers, and I'm not in the mood for it. Looking back, Huanchaco was a great little fishing village, with mainly locals, and I appreciate it even more now. Plus the waves were HUGE! But I didn't go out boarding, cos everyone said this would be the place. More from Guayaquil, Ecuador tomorrow...

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May 10, 2005 - Peru - Punta Sal

An early start and we are off to the resort of Punta Sal - 3km of deserted sandy beach. Along the way the disconcerting sight of huge turkey vultures, none more so than those hovering near the body of a presumed road accident victim. We seem to have been in Peru for weeks now and we are looking forward to crossing the border into Ecuador, not least to try and escape the curse of the stomach problems. I (Shar) seem to be in a minority of two out of the 25 fellow truckies who have managed to avoid problems, but there is a sense that luck...

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Jan 25, 2005 - ...and on to Chiclayo

I arrived in Piura at 4pm and because there was a bus leaving for Chiclayo in a half hour, I decided that I still had enough energy to take it, another three hours would be nothing! The New Pan-American Highway that runs from Piura to Chiclayo goes straight through the Sechura Desert, a large, never-ending area of shifting sands. I got to ride on a double-decker bus and some how managed a seat in the very front on the top deck-it was sweet, almost like a movie!

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Nov 1, 2004 - Mancora - Peru

Peru, Mancora. 15hrs on a bus with a hangover were rewarded with a welcome taste of beach life. It's remarkable how easily the human body can adapt to such a challenging environment. Sure enough, we found ourselves in the best hotel on the beach, not 20ms to the sand and the surf. Chris tried manfully all week to hold onto his youth and release that inner surfing god, Calum wimpishly hid from the sun in the bar. God it was tough. To drink beer on the balcony overlooking the beach, or to enjoy it from the comfort of a deck chair on the sand....

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Jul 26, 2004 - Mancora, Peru's best year round beach resort

Even though we only had normal seats (bus cama had sold out) we had a really good nights sleep and arrived at Mancora at 7 a.m. ready for a hard day on the beach. We decided to stay only one night as room prices had tripled due to Independence Day. Lots of Peruvians were here for the week. Some surfing, others just sun bathing. We sun bathed and ate seafood. That was pretty much it for the day. Tomorrow a bus into Ecuador and to the biggest city there Guayaquil (Quito the capital is only the second biggest city).

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Jul 16, 2004 - Piura - Back in Peru!!!!

Dull, Northern Peruvian city. About half a million people live here, there´s a river, and lots of taxis. The ´Copa da America´ (South American football champs) was on here the day we arrived, and Uruguay were playing Colombia, so there was rather alot of police around! Anyway, we had just arrived from Ecudor on a 8 hour overnight bus ride with no sleep, so we found a dodgy little hotel who rented us a bed for about 5 hours so we could get some kip!!! And that was all we really saw of this place. We woke up in the afternoon, went for a walk...

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Jun 11, 2004 - Chicama, Peru

We stopped here with the sole purpose of riding the longest wave on earth. When the swell is hitting the wave goes on for 2 miles. You simply paddle out at the point and catch the wave and ride it as far as you can until your legs burn so bad you must pull off. Then, rest for a few minutes and catch the next set and repeat the process a few times until your back at the pier where you get out and walk back to the point to do it again. The wave is a dream come true that seems like its not of this earth. All of our time was spent surfing since...

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